“God’s Willingness to Heal

All Who Believe!”

By C.W. Wood September, 1999

Incurable diseases are on a rampage. The hearts of the people of the world are failing for fear. According to science, regular examinations by a doctor are a must to try and head off life threatening diseases. In spite of God’s Word that promises health and healing, many in the Church, including Message Churches, are trapped by this same spirit of fear. No one knows if at their next trip to the doctor they may be given a death sentence. It is a regular happening, diseases contracted that no doctor can heal.

Seeing our predicament and being moved with great compassion, our Lord chose to fulfill His Word in Malachi 4:2 in our life time. “But unto you that fear My Name shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His Wings. And you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.” This is the promise of a mighty healing campaign, that we in the message know to have already taken place. Our precious Brother William Branham was God’s chosen vessel to take a gift of healing to the people of the world.

In the process of Brother Branham receiving his commission, and when he hesitated at assuming such a tremendous responsibility, he was told by an Angel of the Lord that he would be given two SIGN GIFTS. I have called these gifts “Two Sign Gifts of Mercy.” That is exactly what they were, Gifts of MERCY sent to show us that God has never changed his mind about healing His Children. He healed them in His flesh body 2000 years ago, never turning away one who would “ONLY BELIEVE.” Healing is still today for everyone who will believe.

The Angel said to Brother Branham, “I am sent from the presence of Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar birth and misunderstood life has been to indicate that you are to go around the world and pray for sick people.” Brother Branham answered the Angel as follows, “Sir, I live with my people who are poor. I am uneducated. They would not understand me. Sir, I’m afraid they wouldn’t receive me (wouldn’t believe me). (FOOTPRINTS BOOK, PAGE 75) The Angel replied, “As Moses was given two are you given two gifts to vindicate your ministry. You are to go around the world and pray for the sick, and if you can get the people to BELIEVE you, nothing will stand before your prayer, not even cancer.”

We in the Message well know about the two gifts. One in the hand that by certain vibrations from the sick person, the disease was known, and the second and greater gift was knowing the thoughts of the heart. THE IMPORTANT THING TO NOTICE ABOUT THE GIFTS IS THAT THEY DID NOT HEAL. The gifts, of themselves, did not heal the people. They were sent to cause the people TO BELIEVE. And what is it that they were to believe? They were to watch the gifts being operated and understand that the man, William Branham, had no earthly way of knowing the things he was revealing. This was to let them know that the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, was on the scene. The supernatural gifts were the proof of His Presence, and His Presence was proof that He was there to heal ALL who would believe it. How can we doubt His will to heal us, and how can we fail to receive it?

We understand that we must BELIEVE to receive from the Lord. “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that waverth is like a wave of the sea, driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord.” (James 1:6-7)

We conclude then, that God, in His great mercy, sent the sign gifts to prove to us that IT IS HIS WILL TO HEAL THE PEOPLE. But, the people did not catch the revelation and many now have also missed it. One of our main problems has been that we have not been totally convinced that God wants to heal His Children and we cannot have faith for a thing until we KNOW it is the will of God.

To prove forever His Divine will to heal all Believers, God sent these two gifts to His Prophet. But, rather than accepting the showing of them as God’s eternal proof, each person wanted it performed on himself personally. The result was the Prophet’s strength was quickly drained. The masses of sick who came could not be ministered to individually, and therefore would not believe. Brother Branham explains the error of such thinking in the following statements:

QUOTE: AS I WAS WITH MOSES, SO I WILL BE WITH THEE, PAGES 20-21-22. “He said, ‘As Moses was given two signs to vindicated his are given two signs. One of them will be by your hand. The other one will be you’ll know the very secrets of their heart, the thoughts of their mind. And by this they’ll believe, by these two signs.’ Listen! Don’t you fail to get this! THE SIGN IS NOT THE COMMISSION. THE SIGN ONLY POINTS TO THE COMMISSION. (The sign only points to the Healer, Jesus Christ.)’

You get out here on the road and see a sign, and it says five miles to Jeffersonville. That isn’t Jeffersonville. That’s a sign to show you you’re on the right road. Moses, when he went down there (to Egypt) he had a sign with a stick, and with his hand. The sign here is no more the Commission than it was with Moses. What if all the Israelites said, ‘Say, all you Egyptians, all the rest of you Israelites, come over here. We a got a man (that) can do a trick with his hand. You ought to see it. We got a man can take a stick and make a snake out of it. Come see it’. That was just a sign post. That wasn’t the Commission. They wasn’t waiting for a sign post. God help us! They were waiting for a deliverance. And this poor, sick crippled up world is waiting for a deliverance and looking at a sign post. Have mercy! A sign post is nothing but a sign to PROVE THE COMMISSION. (The sign was to prove God’s presence and WILLINGNESS to heal ALL who would believe, but the people would not accept it as God’s universal sign and proof unless it was performed on them personally.)

Continuing Quote: “Now the trouble of it is, we have been looking at the sign......Stand before him when the anointing is on him and he will tell you everything that is in your heart. That’s true. I walked into the hospital here the other day. There was the doctors, couldn’t find what was wrong with the woman.....(she) said, “ Brother Branham, you can tell me.” .......And the Holy Spirit said such an such a thing. That’s what it was exactly......Another woman there said, ‘My back.’ She said, ‘They can’t find what did it...........I said, ‘.....You got it by lifting the load when you worked for McSpadden’s Market’..........THAT DOESN’T HEAL HER. THAT ONLY POINTS TO THE COMMISSION. Quit leaning on the sign post. Let’s go on to the City. Let’s cross Jordan.

CONTINUING QUOTE: “I’ve done wrong. That’s why I have based these sermons the way I have. Cause, He said, ‘As I was with Moses so will I be with you......For a long time I’ve wondered, because I didn’t know what the Commission was. I’ve looked for something Supernatural beyond that. God cannot get away from His Commission. God gave His Commission, that’s what it must remain.”

(The Prophet wondered why he had to use all his strength and become helpless. Then he said, it’s because I didn’t understand that the Commission was to HEAL THE SICK, not read everyone’s thoughts. It was the discernment that weakened him.)

CONTINUE QUOTE: “But all the Pentecostal people like signs. They like to see it. The Bible said, ‘A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign.’ But the Commission was, ‘PRAY FOR THE SICK.’ And tens of thousands times thousands, that I have failed to pray for (Couldn’t get to them because he was out of strength) because they all desired a sign. They all desire it.

“The other day I was trying to work the Ministry..... and a man came on the platform, said, ‘Now Brother Branham, wait a minute. My case is different. I’ve just got to know something.’ I said, ‘Well, the Doctor could examine you (and tell you).’ ‘Oh, I don’t want that, I want to know right now, my case is so different. I said, ‘Well, I hate to do this brother. (The Prophet trying to save his strength.) I went on into it (the discernment). And the first thing you know the Holy spirit moved. He said, ‘Praise the Lord. That’s right. I said, ‘The rest of you come on now. Let me pray for you. (The Prophet knowing that the whole congregation should be believing, because they had witnessed the sign done for one man.)

‘When I did that (asked them all to come and believe without any more discernment), you know what the next one said?’ ‘My case is just as important as his.’ Then I got about six or eight (more through the prayer line), and closed the meeting. Like (to have) killed me!’ I’ve always wondered, ‘Why would that do that to me?’ It’s because I was doing it wrong. That’s just the sign post pointing to the Commission. It’s not the Commission. THAT SIGN POST HAS BEEN NAILED DOWN AROUND THE WORLD. AND (different) LANGUAGES, AFRICA, INDIA, ASIA, EUROPE, AROUND THE WORLD, THROUGH TENS OF THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, THEY KNOW ABOUT THAT SIGN POST.” (UNQUOTE)

The sign post had been nailed down, that is to say God proved around the world that HIS WILL was to heal ALL WHO BELIEVED. He proved it by standing on the platform with His Prophet and reading the thoughts of the people. This sign did not heal anyone. It was to cause them, and us, to BELIEVE. We are to take the sign as God’s proof of His willingness to heal all Believers. We should be able to play a tape, or read a sermon in which this sign was given, and believe from that moment on that our God will heal us when we believe. KNOWING THAT HE WANTS TO HEAL US, COUPLED WITH OUR DESIRE TO BE HEALED, IS ALL WE NEED. THAT IN ITSELF, IS THE SIMPLICITY OF BELIEVING. Understanding His will for us and putting our will along side his is what believing is.

The sign evidence was given even after the Lord had left us His unchanging WORD that promised over and over that He would heal us from “All our afflictions.” (Ps. 34:19) He had looked into the future and seen our modern, scientific age, and how far we would be from having the faith we needed. Then, in His great compassion, as He saw thousands times thousands of His sick and dying Children, He dispatched an angel to give two supernatural gifts to His Prophet. They did not heal, but were sent to cause us to believe. He cannot heal us until we believe! By sending the gifts, He placed the responsibility for our healing on our own shoulders.

QUOTE: AS I WAS WITH MOSES, PAGE 22, “Watch, God puts it right back in the peoples lap. (God said), ‘You were born to pray for sick people. If you can get them to believe.’ I said, ‘They won’t believe.’ He said, ‘I’ll give you two signs. They’ve rallied for them, the sign post instead of the Commission. Believing that you were sent to pray.” (The people missed the revelation that the signs were sent to prove God’s will to heal them all. One example should have settled it for them and for us!)

QUOTE: PAGE 23, “Hundreds had passed over the platform, without, as far as I know, receiving anything. I just prayed for them. It’s right back to the people, (their responsibility) if you will believe.......God can never get away from His Commission (His promise to heal all who BELIEVE). I’ve failed Him. I’ve had here, about 14 years, with nothing but straight discernment, around and around the world, till tens of thousands of times, million cases I guess. I ask you one thing, did it ever fail? No sir! And if the sign post won’t fail (If the proof of His will to heal won’t fail), how much more will the Commission never fail? (How much more will the Christ who worked the signs also perform the healings?) If the sign, that’s the minor part, if the sign pointing to the city (promising healing), if it doesn’t fail to tell you the city is there (if it doesn’t fail to tell you healing is there), how much more will the city (healing) be there when you come. There is the Commission.” (End quote) The Prophet trying to tell us that it was God’s will to heal ALL, every time. If we will accept it.

QUOTE: PAGE 24, “Now see, it’s right back in the laps of the people, if you will believe that God commissioned this to be done. Here it is in the Word, it’s just exactly with the Word, the Commission.”

CONT. QUOTE, “I draw here with my finger, an arch, a rainbow. That’s a COVENANT GOD MADE THE PEOPLE. He made a COVENANT with the human race He’d destroy the world no more with water........And yonder some fifteen, fourteen, fifteen years ago, in 1937, May the 7th, 1937, I think it was, that God made a CONVENANT WITH ME, saying, ‘You were born to pray for sick people. If you can get them to believe you......if you’ll get those people to believe you, then be sincere when you pray, nothing will stand before your prayer.” (End quote)

A merciful God, seeing His Bride so burdened with doubts concerning His attitude toward sickness and human suffering, sent an angel to His Prophet to make a CONVENANT with him, and give TWO SIGN GIFTS of mercy. The gifts were meant to be a GREAT SHINNING LIGHT that would lead us back to the many promises in His Word concerning Divine Healing. Some understand that the RESTORATION God promised through Brother Branham is still in progress. Faith for the healing of our bodies, as well as for our souls, is a part of that restoration.





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SU]V]V]“In all things, our Heavenly Father can be trusted to honor His WORD, and His Word promises to, through the benefits of Calvary, restore to the Bride all that Adam lost. This includes Divine Healing from every affliction that may lay hold on us. This message is shinning forth into a faithless world as a great beacon light. All that are lost , or sick and afraid, may come to it.

Brother Branham, and the scriptures, teach us that we should not ignore any part of the Gospel. Do not take anything away from it’s sacred pages, and healing from God is promised there. Our purpose to have our bodies healed should be as definite as our purpose to have our soul saved. Our attitude toward sickness should be the same as our attitude toward sin. God is against both and so must we be.


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His present attitude toward our sickness is wonderfully revealed by His sending the sign gifts of mercy. He wants us to understand and BELIEVE so He can perform His miracles in our bodies. His compassion has never been withdrawn nor changed. Those of us who believe that Brother Branham was chosen to perform the Ministry of Jesus Christ again, just before the Rapture, should also be able to see that this Christ expressed the Father’s will through the Prophet, which will was to heal. The healing of all who believed by Jesus, through His Prophet, was done as a revelation of God’s will for man in this end-time when terrible diseases are taking such a toll in the Church, as well as out. God’s mercy covers man’s physical body as well as his spiritual soul. The sign gifts were sent to help us believe that and benefit from it. In Pilot’s Judgment Hall, where Jesus bore the stripes on His back and on Calvary’s Cross he met every need of man.

To doubt or ignore His payments and His Love and Compassion, grieves the Heart of our Lord. It made Him to weep over Jerusalem. To refuse to believe for healing now because the Prophet is not here to read the thoughts of our heart, is to cause Him to weep over the Bride of today. Then let us take the gifts as being His sign of willingness to heal today, as ever He did before, and move up in our faith resisting every affliction until it flees from us! Though He try us as by fire, let us stand fast on the revelation of His will to deliver us. Amen!