"The Sign of Messiah

And The Seventh Seal"

By C.W. Wood                  March 2001

To try and teach on the Mystery under the Great Seventh Seal, is a task that would give even a great theologian much reason to pause and reconsider. It is a subject so vast that it reaches out to include most all the sermons our Brother Branham preached during 1963 and after, and not only so, but it takes in some before that time. One of the things that makes it so difficult is that it has been so well hidden in the Message, as well as in the scriptures. Many are the different thoughts found in the Message concerning this Mystery. Yet, in spite of the differing opinions, we must hold to that promise that declares, "In the days of the Voice of the Seventh Angel, when he shall begin to sound (preach), THE MYSTERY OF GOD SHOULD BE FINISHED." The earthly days of this Seventh Angel are long ago over, and we must expect our God to keep His Word and reveal the Secret!

In times past, we have pointed out that the Holy Ghost used the word "MYSTERY" in the singular form in the above scripture. Although we know that the mysteries, plural, under the other Seals were revealed, this use of the singular term seems to point to One Great Mystery that God would direct our attention to. And so, once again we struggle with the revelations we feel the Lord has given concerning this last Seal, praying mightily for the Lord to help us put on paper what is in our thoughts. And we ask those people who do not believe the Seventh Seal is opened to have patience with us, and perhaps even be gracious enough to read this sermon.

To try and start at the beginning, we want to state that the Mystery under the Seventh Seal had to do with a COMING OF THE LORD. Unless we can see this much, we perhaps can go no further in the revelation. Therefore, I will give statements made by Brother Branham that should carry much weight for those who know who he was. They are in such number, that I will only be able to give a few. As you read, keep in mind the point we are proving; The Seventh Seal was A COMING OF THE LORD, and also that the Prophet tell us which coming it was!

QUOTE: PROVING HIS WORD, AUG. 16, 1964 JEFF. PAGE 41, "After nineteen hundred years, and we are at the end of the Laodicean Church Age, He promised in Lk. 17:30, that this SAME SON OF MAN (He promised it) would be revealed in the days like it was in Sodom, upon the earth. DID HE DO IT? Does it have to come to pass? Itís impossibleÖ.(for it to fail). Now remember, He came in three Names, The Son of Man, a Prophet (born as a baby and grew up as a Prophet), The Son of God, The Spirit (The Holy Ghost on the Day of Pentecost), The Son of David for the Millennium. BUT IN BETWEEN THIS CONJUCTION (In between these times), NOW ACCORDING TO HIS OWN WORDS, IN THE DAY WHEN THE SON OF MAN SHALL BE REVEALED, REVEAL HIMSELF AS WHAT, NOT SON OF GOD, SON OF MAN. (HE) WILL REVEAL HIMSELF IN A DIFFERENT WAY. NOW WHAT DOES THAT MAKE (What Scripture does that fulfill)? Malachi 4, EXACTLY RIGHT. See, The Son of Man will reveal HimselfÖ make manifest Malachi 4. "And in that day I will send unto you Elijah The Prophet, and he shall turn the hearts of the children back to the Faith of the Apostolic Fathers." (End quote)

From the above statement, it shouldnít be hard to see that the Prophet is saying at the end of the Laodicean Church Age, the Son of Man would come back to Earth and reveal Himself in a DIFFERENT WAY, which way was through the Prophet of Mal. 4. This was to be a Spiritual Coming of the Lord on Sunset Mountain, but though it was in spiritual form, it was, nevertheless, a real Coming of the Lord. It was the Coming that would fulfill the scriptures in Lk 17:22-30. As these scriptures state, it would be, "As the Lightening," not hidden from our natural view, but only understood by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. It was Jesus Christ, in Spirit Word Form, having entered into the flesh body of the Prophet William Branham, and reenacting His own Ministry of 2000 years ago. Please understand, we are not teaching the Deity of our Brother Branham.

Now, to tie this Spiritual Coming of the Lord in with the Seventh Seal, let us read the following statement.

QUOTE: WHAT SHALL I DO WITH JESUS CALLED CHRIST, NOV.1963, JEFF. PAGE 43, "When the reformers age went out (The beast with the face like a man), organization issued (was born). But, this is the face of the Eagle (The Beast that went to make the challenge of TODAY) and who would dare to say that wasnít the inspired Word of God, when He foretold it here and sent out yonder to Arizona, and brought it right back, even with science and everything else, and proved it so. THIS BOOKíS ALREADY OPENED, THATíS RIGHT, JUST WAITING FOR THE SEVENTH SEAL TO BE IDENTIFIED WITH THE COMING OF CHRIST." (End quote)

Please note how he tied the Seventh Seal in with the happening on Sunset Mountain in Arizona. He said, in essence, "We are just waiting for the people to see that the Coming of the Lord on Sunset Mountain was the Mystery under the Seventh Seal!" As always, some will see it, but many will not. The Pentecostals are preaching that a great thing is to happen. They say we will have a great revival in the Church, and then Jesus will come. May we respectfully say, the Revival in the Church is over, it is history, it has come and gone and they didnít know what it was.

QUOTE: THE SEED IS NOT HEIR WITH THE SHUCK, FEB. 1964, JEFF, PAGE 25, "Pentecostals said, Ď Oh thereís going to be a great thing happen.í Itís happening, and they donít know itÖ.for where the carcass is there the Eagles will be gatheredÖ.thatís what it said (Thatís what the Word said). What is the carcass? THE WORD. HE IS THE WORD, THE CARCASS, CHRIST, CHRIST IN YOU, THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND FOREVER." (End quote)

And so, we see that the Revival that the Nominal Church is predicting happened through the ministry of our Brother William Branham. It was the result of "A Coming of Christ" that they have missed. It was the Mystery under the Seventh Seal being revealed. It was Christ on Earth again, in a Mysterious way, producing a worldwide revival, showing "The Sign of Messiah" to prove that it was truly Him. This Mystery WAS REVEALED to the Prophet, and is now being revealed to the Bride, the mystery under the Seventh Seal.

QUOTE: FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS, JULY 1964, JEFF., PAGE 22, "Now, let me say this right here, that every trumpet that blowed, blowed under the sixth sealÖ.All the trumpets sounded under the Sixth Seal, because (under) the Seventh Seal there was silence. No one knew, that was the minute or hour that Christ would come, AS HE REVEALED IT TO US." (End quote)

Notice carefully what he said. First, he said there was silence under the Seventh Seal. No one knew what the mystery was. But, then he said, "That was the minute or hour that Christ would come, AS HE REVEALED IT TO US." At that time, the Bride did not know the Mystery, but the Prophet did.

QUOTE: FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS, PAGE 26, "That Seventh Seal hasnít opened yet, you know, THATíS HIS COMING." (End quote)

The above statement was spoken in riddles. The Bride did not understand the Mystery at that point in time, therefore, to them the Seventh Seal was NOT YET OPENED. But, the Prophet did understand it, because he went on to say, "THATíS HIS COMING." (The Mystery under the Seventh Seal was His Coming.) Now, letís prove that the Coming of the Lord that the Prophet spoke of was NOT THE RAPTURE COMING.

QUOTE: FEAST OF THE TRUMPETS, PAGE 39, "Look! I want to say one more thing. Closely now, donít miss this. How striking. From the Seventh Angelís (Messenger of the Seventh Seal) Message, AND REV. 10 WAS THE SEVENTH SEALÖ" (End quote)

Can we see it? He said Rev. 10 was the Seventh Seal, and we know that Rev. 10 was THE COMING OF THE LORD on Sunset Mountain. Then, is it not clear that the Coming of the Lord he is speaking of, is NOT THE RAPTURE COMING? It was the Lk 17:22-30 Coming, "THE" Son of Man in "A" Son of Man. It was the Seventh Seal being pulled back before our eyes. It was a sex-born man, one who had come into the world, "Shapen in iniquity," (Ps. 51:50), but having the SAME MINISTRY that Jesus had 2000 years ago.

QUOTE: SHALOM, JAN. 1964, SIERRA VISTA, AZ. PAGE 28, "We heard the Word say that, "In the days of the Seventh Angel." In the Church Age, He just said, "The Seventh Angelís Message would be the last Message." And then, Oh, we find out over here in Rev. 10, ĎIn the days of the Message of the Seventh Angel, the Mysteries of God should be FINISHED." THE SEVENTH SEAL WOULD BE PULLED BACK. IT SHOULD BE THERE. Then all at once, WHEN ITíS HAPPENING, a vision broke, said, "Go to Tucson, a great noise will take place at this time, so youíll be thoroughly understanding, and know that itís sent. Itíll just shake the earth nearly. All of you know about it. Itís on tape months before it happened. AND THEN IT HAPPENED. Then it appeared in the skies. Shalom! What is it? Itís a changing beats, the sympathy." End quote)

The world was to see again the ministry that God had performed 2000 years ago through the God-Man, Jesus Christ. Only this time, it would not be through a virgin-born man. There was no need for that to be repeated. That work had before been accomplished, and to have repeated it, would have been to, "Count the Blood of God an unholy thing." (Heb. 10:29) This time the Ministry would take place through a man born in sin, but saved by Grace. And herein lay the Great Mystery. Never before had a sinner, saved by Grace been so anointed that his Ministry was a parallel to that of Jesus Christ! It is without question that Brother William Branham had "The Sign of Messiah" in his ministry.

To know the thoughts and intent of the heart, was the Sign of Messiah in Abrahamís day, and it was the same Sign shown forth in the Ministry of Christ 2000 years ago. If what we are teaching is true, that Christ has come again before the Rapture, then this same sign would have to be manifested, and we say to you, on the authority of the Prophetís words and by what we have heard take place on his sermon tapes, that it has happened.

QUOTE: THE SUPER SIGN, NOV. 1963, SHREVEPORT, PAGE22, "Weíve had the sign of Religion. Weíve had the sign of Revivals. Weíve had the sign of getting together. Weíve had the sign of speaking in tongues. Weíve had the sign of healing the sick. Weíve had all these signs. But yet we find in the Bible, that the last sign before the promised Son arrived, it was a Super Sign. Jesus said as it was then, before the promised Son arrives again (to take the Bride out!), that Super Sign would come on the Earth again. I declare to you tonight, in the Name of Jesus Christ, ITíS ON EARTH NOW. NOT ONLY THAT, BUT ITíS RIGHT HERE AMONG US TONIGHT. THE HOLY GHOST, GODíS SUPER SIGN, THE RESURRECTED JESUS CHRIST, IT CANNOT FAIL. Itís an Eternal Sign. It can never be changed. Heavens and Earth will pass away, but thatíll never change. Itís and Eternal, Everlasting Sign, GOD MANIFESTED IN HUMAN FLESH. GOD MADE HIMSELF KNOWN IN HUMAN FLESH." (End quote)

What was it? It was the Sign of Messiah! And what did The Sign of Messiah mean? It could only mean that Messiah was on Earth again, manifesting Himself through another man. The Ministry would not be the Ministry of a man, but the Ministry of God in the man, for no man can, of himself, show forth the Sign of Messiah. It was the Seventh Seal being manifested.

QUOTE: THE SUPER SIGN, PAGE 20, "But look, right at the end-time, before the burning and the destroying, the Super Sign appears mysteriously, right on the scene again before us, Amen, God HIMSELF. Not a man, but God made manifest; a Super Sign, an Everlasting sign, an Eternal Sign, a Super Sign, God manifested in the fleshÖ. The Super Sign will return." (End quote)

The Super Sign was the Seventh Seal manifested. What was this Super Sign, this Everlasting Sign, this Eternal Sign? Why, it was God on the earth again, having come down on Sunset Mountain, in a DIFFERENT way than He had ever come before. He entered into a man like as you and I, and showed forth that sign that had not been seen for 2000 years, not since he was here in His own sinless body, the reading of the thoughts and intents of the heart. It was the revealing of the Mystery under the Seventh Seal, God in human flesh, the Hope of Glory. (Col. 1:27)

We are well aware that this Mystery of God in human flesh was not to stop with our Prophet, William Branham. He was only the "First Fruits" being waved before the Bride, showing her the way. The Lord Jesus was the first fruits in His day, in His own SINLESS body, but to be waved again in the last days. First in the body of a sexual born Prophet, then in the sex-born bodies of His beloved Bride. This is not to say that the Bride will show forth the "Sign of Messiah." This was done in one man in our age, and for the purpose of showing the Bride which man had Godís Message, but it will not be repeated. The nine gifts of the Holy Ghost can work, but not the "Sign of Messiah" again.

QUOTE: THE SUPER SIGN, PAGE 23, "Now you all canít be that One (with the Super sign), but you can be a part of that with your faith. All of them couldnít be a Jesus, when they (He) was on Earth, but they could believe Him and accept the Message. There was one Moses and one Elijah, one Noah, on down, always been that, but the rest of them could accept it." (End quote)

We have stated that the Seventh Seal Mystery is to be seen in many of the Prophets sermons. For example, the Third Pull and the Seventh Seal are one and the same, and he had much to say about the Third Pull. Simply stated, the Third Pull was the Ministry that caught the attention of the Bride. She was typed by the Rainbow Trout who was lured and caught by the Message given after the Seven Seals were opened. It was the Mysteries under ALL SEVEN OF THE SEALS that set her feet on the Rock to stay, along with the "Sign of Messiah", which Sign proved that God was speaking through His Prophet.

The Third Pull was the Ministry of Jesus Christ on Earth again in the body form of His prophet, speaking the Word and seeing it come to pass. That is exactly what the Seventh Seal was, the Ministry of Jesus Christ on Earth, doing the same things He did 2000 years ago, including the Sign of Messiah.

QUOTE: SOULS IN PRISON, NOV. 1963 JEFF., PAGE 50, "The SEVENTH SEAL BRINGS HIM BACK TO EARTH. The Lamb come and took the Book out of the Right Hand of Him and sat down, and claimed what He ownedÖ..what He had redeemed. Is that right? ITíS ALWAYS BEEN THAT THIRD PULL." (End quote)

Yes, the Seventh Seal being opened did bring the Lord Jesus back to Earth, in spiritual form, not to take the Bride out, but to bring the Message that would PREPARE her to be taken out. Notice what the Prophet said above, "The Seventh Seal MYSTERY has always been the Third Pull MINISTRY. What we need to understand is that this COMING OF CHRIST on Sunset Mountain, was OF ITSELF the opening of the Great, Mysterious Seventh Seal. In one sense of the word, the Seventh Seal was opened BEFORE the other six, because the Coming of Christ opened the Seventh Seal, then the other six were opened. In another sense, it was NOT OPENED because we did not understand what had happened until later. It was the SEVENTH SEAL COMING of the Lord that produced the Third Pull Ministry in the Prophet.

Only the Prophet saw the revelation in 1963, but now we are looking back more than 37 years, and the Revelation is setting our hearts on fire also. Can we see Him in His Word? Can we see that all His word has been made manifest before us? Truly, ALL the Evening Light has come. Friends, God did open ALL SEVEN OF THE SEALS, just as He promised to do. We are still trying to take it all in.

QUOTE: CHRIST IS REVEALED IN HIS OWN WORD, AUG. 1965, JEFF, PAGES 42-43, "Do you see Him now in His Word, and ALL of His Word made manifest right here before us?ÖÖ.Every thought that you have may it be controlled by this Power on the inside of you, because God is setting right in His Word of this hour, in the Evening Light, showing forth the Light.

CONT. QUOTE: PAGE 43, "What good would the Light do if there were no eyes to see? There has to be eyes first to see, and then when that come (When God opened some eyes) HE OPENED THE SEVEN SEALS and revealed the Evening Light, taking ALL THE MYSTERIES thatís been hid down through these Church Ages, and now revealed them as He promised to do in Rev. 10 1-7. Here we are today (1965), setting in the midst of the Word, and the Word being revealed to us by Jesus Christ. Then this is Godís Word." (End quote)

QUOTE: GOD OF THIS EVIL AGE, AUG. 1965 JEFF., PAGE 39, "As She is part of the Groom, true to Him in every point, waiting for the Wedding, Uniting, not at the Ecumenical Council, but in the Sky, the Wedding Supper. SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN (THIS IS FOR OUR OWN CHURCH)Ö.SHE HAS BEEN GIVEN, AND REVEALED TO HER, THE SEVEN SEALED MYSTERIES OF THE BIBLE." (End quote)

Dear Minister, dear Lay Member, have these Seven Sealed Mysteries been revealed to you? From the letters and phone calls that I receive concerning this Seventh Seal, I know that many of you do not see it! May I, with all my heart, press upon you the importance of this truth and persuade you to study and pray until the revelation comes. It is the very foundation upon which our precious End-Time Message stands. It is the thing that will bring, and is bringing, the Bride Revival. It is the revelation of God manifested in sinful, human flesh, such as you and I. God Himself, in the form of His Bride this time, just before He takes her up. It is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in our midst, with the same signs and wonders He did 2000 years ago. The same yesterday, today, and forever! The Seventh Seal Revealed!

If the statements of the Prophet are true, as recorded in this short sermon, then what need would there be of a "Return Ministry"? And many more statements could be given, showing forth the completeness of the Seventh Angelís work BEFORE he was taken to his rest. What more can we say? Only that our heart and our prayers are with each one who is honestly seeking for truth, and that we know it will come to us because of His GRACE. Amen!