C.W. Wood                         February 2000


  In January’s sermon, we taught on the “Total Depravity Of Unregenerate Man” which is the result of the Serpent’s seed being sown into the human race. Our emphasis was on the lost condition of man rather than on the sin in Eden, where Eve was beguiled by a creature called the Serpent. In this sermon, with the help of the Lord, we will look at the scriptural proof that the Serpent did have a seed, show where it was placed, and the result. The sin in Eden was not eating an apple. It was God’s couple being introduced to sex through an agent called the Serpent.

  This teaching is one of great doctrinal importance. It is one that will test the reader's soundness in the faith. It will show whether or not the great Teacher, the Holy Ghost, abides within, for it is Him, and Him alone, who can pull down the curtain and reveal the original sin. A person’s view on this subject will determine his viewpoint on other doctrines of vital importance. If we will open our minds and hearts to receive this teaching, we will understand how utterly impossible it is for men to improve themselves and that Christ is our only hope. We will have a correct understanding of the vileness of SELF and the need to be born-again, for it was our first sexual-birth that produced in us a nature like unto Satan himself.

  There is nothing like a knowledge of this doctrine, as taught by our Prophet, William Branham, to undeceive vain man and to convince him of the filthiness of his own righteousness. It puts the spotlight of God on other mysteries that are not otherwise understood. It is therefore a very necessary teaching, for the vast majority of Christians are ignorant of it. It must be said in the beginning that it is well hidden in the scriptures, so that we must enter into the spiritual realm, being able to read between the lines at times, as the Prophet said we should. Be forewarned that Church Natural will strongly reject this truth and turn and rend those who teach it.

  On September the 28th, 1958, in Jeffersonville, IN., Brother Branham preached a message called “Serpent’s Seed.” He used as his beginning text, Genesis 3:1-7, please read in your Bible. He pointed out that intelligent man knows that there is a missing link between the chimpanzee and man, but that he has been unable to find it.

  QUOTE: SERPENT SEED, PAGE 16, “ Now remember that all of the creatures of the earth, Adam had named them. He (God) had made the cattle, the beasts and everything. Today, we chronologists and different great minds of science have been trying for six thousand years to find that missing link........Man is animal life, we know that.” (End quote)

  QUOTE: SERPENT SEED, PAGE 19, “Next to it (next to man) is the chimpanzee. He’s the closest specie to the human being. But, yet it isn’t anything to do with the human being. The lowest form of life that there is, is the frog. The highest form is the human being. God started at the bottom and made it right up till He brought it to his Image. Brought us from the birds and the beasts and on up until He got to the Image of God. He made man in that image, (God’s Image) and that’s the highest form......Now, this missing link that they can’t the scripture now! You’re going to disagree with this, many of you, but we just want you to bear it in mind and not be prejudiced against it.....Well then, what happened? Watch! Here is my version. Here is the missing link. Now, they have a chimpanzee, but you can’t breed a chimpanzee with a woman and bring forth a child. You can’t breed a human being with an animal. It won’t mix. You can’t blood transfuse (with) any animal.

  QUOTE: PAGE 21, “Here is what taken place I believe, and can support it by the Bible, that it is the Serpent that did it. The Serpent is that missing link between the chimpanzee and the man, because...listen, notice this now...THE SERPENT WAS NOT A REPTILE. He was the most subtle of all the beasts of the field....Now lets watch this just a minute. He is a smart crafty.....remember, he was the smartest thing there was, and more like the human being than anything else that was on the field....closest to a human being. He was not a reptile. THE CURSE MADE HIM A REPTILE. (Snake) (Read Gen. 3:14)  God told him that his legs would come off and he would go on his belly. And you can’t find one bone in a snake that looks like a human being, and that’s the reason science is lost. BUT THERE HE IS. (End quote)

  The Prophet told us that science knows there is a missing link, but they can’t find it because God hid the truth from the wise and prudent, only the babes such as will learn will see it. The wise men object and say, ‘If what you say is true then, show us the Serpent today. They say if God created him as you say, then he should still be here.’ And indeed he should be here, and he is! And this is the revelation the Prophet is giving us. The serpent was changed by a curse of God, so that where he once walked upright like a man, and talked like a man, he was changed and made to crawl on his belly. In other words, God removed his arms and legs, and his ability to speak as a man, and he became a reptile, the lowly snake.

  QUOTE: SERPENT’S SEED, PAGES 21-22, “God hid it from the eyes of the wise and prudent and promised to reveal it to the Son’s of God in the last days.........that is the reason that God is opening up these things to us. GOD IS BRINGING HIS SON’S INTO MANIFESTATION. He is going beyond the limitation of any human knowledge, way into the spiritual revelations, and bringing it down.” (End quote)

  QUOTE: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS, PAGE 399, “Today science is looking for a bone of some animal that connects man and monkey together. The closest they got is a chimpanzee. They can’t find a bone. (That is similar) They’ll never (find one), because it’s a serpent. It’s a revelation of God. Watch! The serpent was like a prehistoric man, something next to man....if any other animal would’ve happened to (if) Satan would have got on them (to beguile Eve) the seed would not have mixed with the woman. You can’t mix a human seed with any kind of an animal seed. It won’t work. But, THIS ANIMAL that will mix the seed is complete (is no more), it’s extinct. GOD TURNED HIM TO A SNAKE.

  Now, let us go to Gen. 2:8-9 and look at the different trees that were in the Garden of God. (Please follow in your Bible.) In verse nine, we see the trees that were “Good for food.” The natural fruit trees, such as apples, oranges, nut trees and etc. Then there was the TREE OF LIFE. The Lord Jesus was this Tree of Life. Rev. 22:14, “Blessed are they that do His commandments, that they may have right to THE TREE OF LIFE.” Number three, there was the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.” This tree was Lucifer, who had become the enemy of God. Ezk. 28:13, “Thou (speaking of the Prince of Tyrus, Lucifer) hast been in Eden, the Garden of God....” verse 17, “........I will cast thee to the ground, I will lay thee before kings, that they may behold thee.”

  There was also another tree in Eden, as we read in Gen. 3:3, “But, of the fruit of the Tree which is in the midst of the Garden, God hath said, ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.” This tree is seen to be different from the Tree of Life (Christ) in that it was DEATH to even touch it. The Prophet told us who this fourth tree was, it was also a person. To identify these trees, will help us pinpoint the sin.

  QUOTE: SERPENT SEED, PAGE 19, “Now, here I have never had a preacher to agree with this yet. They try to make it some other way, but yet it doesn’t make sense to me. They try to say that Adam and Eve ate some apples.....if eating apples makes women realize they are naked, we had better pass the apples again. You know that’s right. You know that eating an apple....... that wasn’t what they did....certainly it wasn’t. It had to come through sexually. It had to be because they realized they were naked when they had taken this forbidden fruit. Isn’t a woman a FRUIT TREE? Aren’t you the fruit of your mother? THAT WAS THE FRUIT THAT WAS FORBIDDEN TO BE TAKEN.” (End quote) The forbidden fruit was Eve herself!

  So, we see that Eve was the tree spoken of in Gen. 3:3. In Luke 1:42, Elizabeth, John the Baptist’s mother, said to Mary, “Blessed is the fruit of thy womb.” We are the fruit of our mother’s womb.

  QUOTE: SATAN’S EDEN, PAGE 19, “God said there is a tree in the midst of the Garden, THE WOMAN....don’t even touch it, for the day you eat thereof, that day you die. They were Holy veiled from it, they didn’t know anything about it, they dare not touch it.” (End quote)

  And so, we see four different kinds of trees in Eden, and two of those trees were forbidden to Adam and Eve. The tree of the “Knowledge of Good and Evil,” Lucifer, was not to be partaken of (listened to, nor fellowshipped with) and Eve herself was a fruit tree that was not to be touched sexually. We will not go into it in this article, but the Prophet told us that God would have allowed sex later, but knowing what the sexual birth would do to man, He forbid it. God cannot tempt men to sin, and although He knew what they would do, having laid the plan Himself, He straightly warned against it, saying, “That day ye will die.”

  From the scriptures, we know that Eve had been warned about the two different trees. In Gen.2:17, “But of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil thou shall not eat of it......” Then in Gen.3:3, we see her telling the Serpent that she had been warned not to partake of her own sexual fruit tree. “God hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.”

  But the Serpent, motivated by Lucifer, insisted that she try that fruit. The Prophet said, “The Serpent began to make love to Eve.” The result was that Eve bore him a child named Cain, and this child had in him the Spiritual Seed Genes of Lucifer, which had been passed from Lucifer to the Serpent. The scripture clearly shows that the Serpent had a Seed, and just as clearly shows what he did with it.

  In Gen. 3:13-15, Eve was confronted by God and confessed that she had partaken of the forbidden fruit. (The fruit of her own body) Her confession was, “ The Serpent BEGUILED ME and I did eat.” The word “eat” here simply means “to partake of.” We see the Serpent cursed for violating Adam’s wife. His arms and legs were taken away and he must forever go on his belly. To the woman, God said, “In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children.” She must suffer in the area of her body where she had sinned. To Adam, God said, “Because thou hast harkened to the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten (partaken) of the tree, of which I commanded thee saying, Thou shalt not eat of it, cursed is the ground for thy sake.” (Adam himself was not cursed, but he must suffer from the ground being cursed.)

  Now, what of the scripture that says the Serpent had a seed, and that Eve also had a seed?

  Gen.3:15, (God is speaking to the Serpent.) “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, AND BETWEEN THY SEED AND HER SEED, it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise His heel.” First the scripture declares that the Serpent did have a seed. God declared he would cause the seed of the Serpent and the seed of the woman to become enemies. Dormant seed, unplanted seed, or seeds not brought to maturity, could hardly experience enmity toward each other. Therefore, the promise of God in this verse could only be manifested after the two seeds spoken of had produced themselves.

  The seed of the Serpent, placed in Eve at the time he “Beguiled her”, produced itself in a person named Cain. But what of the seed of the woman? We know that the woman does not have a seed of her own. She has a “Field” in which to receive seed. Therefore, just as she had received seed from the serpent, that produced itself in Cain, the woman, Mary, was to later receive a seed from God that would produce itself in a person, Jesus Christ. It was the descendants from the lineage of these two seeds that would be at enmity.

  And so, in our scripture (Gen.3:15), God said to the Serpent, “The seed of the woman, Jesus Christ, shall bruise (crush) thy head.” In the days of the ministry of Jesus, He defeated the devil at every turn, then at the Cross his head was crushed and his works totally destroyed. (I John 3:8) God allowed Satan to bruise the heel of our Lord Jesus in the way of bodily afflictions, therefore fulfilling Gen. 3:15.

  Now, we must look at some scripture that would seem to contradict the teaching that has been set forth. As has already been said, God has so hidden this truth in the Word that it can only be seen by direct revelation by Him. In Gen. 4:1, we read, “And Adam knew his wife and she conceived and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a man from the Lord.” The first thing to notice is that Eve DID NOT say, I have gotten a man from Adam. Cain was not Adam’s son. Although the scripture says Eve was the MOTHER of all living, it does not say that Adam was the FATHER of all living. I John 3:12 tells us who Cain’s father was. “Not as Cain, who was of that WICKED ONE and slew his brother....” But, though the serpent was Cain’s father, God was the giver of his life, as all life, from the lowest form to the highest, has to come from God. There is no breath of life except by the Spirit of God. We were taught that the Devil cannot create. And in that sense, and in that sense only, did Eve receive a man from the Lord.

  Now let us dig deeper in to the Word and see it as the Prophet explained it. In Gen. 4:1, Adam knew his wife (carnal knowledge) but she had ALREADY BEEN WITH THE SERPENT and had conceived Cain. Let us look at her first conception, for she was pregnant with Cain before Adam knew her in Gen. 4:1. In Gen. 3:13, God said to her, “What is this that thou has done? And the woman said, the serpent BEGUILED me and I did eat.” Eve confessed she had been with the serpent, and that he had beguiled her. Together they had partaken of the forbidden fruit that was not to be touched “Lest ye die.” (Gen. 3:3) Eve, herself, was that tree. This was her first conception. God tells us in Gen. 3:16, that her sin was having CONCEIVED, and gives her punishment because of it. “I will greatly multiply thy sorrow, AND THY CONCEPTION, in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children........” Eve was to have great pain in CHILD BIRTH because of her sin. And so Eve was pregnant with the serpent’s child, Cain, before Adam knew her in Gen. 4:1.

  Let us prove again in Gen. 3:6, that the serpent knew Eve before Adam. “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, (We are to understand the typical language here concerning the fruit of the tree being good for food.) and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she TOOK OF THE FRUIT thereof, and did eat, (And THEN, AFTER she had partaken with the serpent.) she gave also to her husband with her, and he did eat.” Eve and the serpent partook FIRST, and THEN she gave to her husband.

  Now, we can understand why the scripture in Gen. 4:1 says that Adam knew Eve his wife and she conceived and bare Cain. This is exactly the sequence in which the events took place. As the Prophet said, we cannot make the scriptures lie. Adam did know his wife, and she did bare Cain first, and this was because Cain was conceived first. Just as Brother Branham stated, Eve bore twins who had different fathers. They were both conceived in a short space of time, but Cain first. Every month a woman has a short time space during which time she can conceive seed and bring forth life.

  In Gen. 4:2, Eve bore the other twin, Able, having had only one act with Adam. But, although Adam had only partaken of the fruit once at this point, Eve had partaken twice, as we can plainly see from Gen. 3:3, (Please read) Eve conceived and delivered the children in the order she had conceived them. The serpent’s child, Cain, first, then Adam’s child, Abel, second. Adam knew his wife and she did birth Cain first, but this is not proof that Adam was Cain’s father, only  that Cain was conceived first. Adam did not initiate the sin in Eden.

  To again prove that Adam had no son named Cain, we go to the two places in scripture where the generations of Adam are listed. In Gen. 5:1-32, we see Seth, the first one named, Abel having been killed by Cain. The absence of Cain’s name was no mistake, God knew well who his father was. Again in Luke 3:23-38, the lineage of Jesus is traced back to Adam, and once more Cain’s name fails to appear. The scriptures would have contradicted themselves had Cain been listed as Adam’s son. Also, the seeming contradiction between John and the writer of Genesis, is solved. John said Cain was of that wicked one (I John 3:12) while the writer of Genesis said Cain was from the Lord (Gen. 4:1). Truth is, Cain’s spirit of life was from God, while his evil, spiritual genes, were from the wicked serpent. The Prophet said Adolph Hitler and John Dillenger were from God, and both were evil men. (C.O.D. BOOK, PAGES 398-399) Then he pointed out that the great preacher, George Whitfield, also came from God. Cain’s spirit, having come from God, in no way proves that he was not also “of that wicked one.”

  Now it is clear why there had to be a Virgin Birth. Our Redeemer had to bypass the contaminated lineage of Adam. Had our Lord been born through sex, he also would have needed redeeming, even as we. But, thanks be to God, the blood in His veins did not come down from Adam, but the Holy Ghost placed in Mary the Seed that contained the BLOOD OF GOD. (Heb. 9:12) It was this Seed that produced the Person qualified to make the payment for all sin. He was the One fitted to act as Mediator between God and fallen man, between the Holy and the unholy. He was the One who could impart Life to the spiritually dead and win everlasting blessedness for us. Amen!






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