Chapter 15

The Same Faith
"Faith for Salvation
is the Same Faith Needed for Physical Healing."

So called incurable diseases are raging. The experts estimate that by the year two thousand three out of four Americans will have some form of cancer. What a fearful announcement this is to those who are not grounded in their faith concerning healing for their bodies.
God intends for His Bride to come to the place of "Loving not their lives (physical lives) unto the death." (Rev. 12:11) Many in our beloved message are still struggling with the problem of faith for healing. Hundreds who have not a doubt that God has "Accepted them in the Beloved" and that their soul is "Eternally secure in Christ" are yet uncertain concerning their health.
God does not intend for this to be so. When the cold hand of death lays hold on those in the world around us, God does not intend for His Bride to be intimidated by this enemy. He will no doubt come to us and whisper, "Some day that will also be your fate." But, our Father wants us to have the Devil's answer.
There is a powerful revelation that our prophet brought, that when seen and understood will set us free from fear, sickness and diseases. It has to do with the faith we ALREADY HAVE, with which we are claiming the salvation of our souls. If the Spirit of Christ dwells in us, and we are assured of our soul's salvation, then we also already have in us the faith that will save our bodies from the ravages of disease!
All that is needed is to be made aware of this tremendous fact. Our faith that is already relying on God for the safety of the soul, and makes us to know that we will not fall into hell when we die, that SAME FAITH will, when directed toward the physical body save it from sickness. It is the SAME FAITH! When pointed toward the soul, the soul is saved. When pointed toward the BODY, the body is saved. It is only a matter of using the faith we already have and directing it toward the outer man so he is included in God's plan of salvation.
Brother Branham taught that we should use the faith we ALREADY HAVE in Jesus concerning the soul, and claim healing for the body.
QUOTE: LOOK AWAY TO JESUS, PAGE 46, "Now, if He will tell me what your are here for, will you use the FAITH THAT YOU (ALREADY) HAVE IN HIM to believe that you receive what you are here for? With all your heart....all right. May the Lord grant it." (End quote)
The prophet taught that the same KEY OF FAITH that unlocks the door of SALVATION will also unlock the door of HEALING for the body. He explained that it is not DIFFERENT FAITH, nor a STRONGER faith, but the same faith that saves one will save the other.
QUOTE: THE KEY TO THE DOOR, PAGE 12, "But when the Bible teaches it, and I hold the faith key in my hand, or in my heart, that says, "That's God's Word", that will quench the violence of fire, it will unlock HEALING for the sick, it will unlock SALVATION to the soul." (End quote) Do we see that he is teaching ONE FAITH for all needs? Now, let us take the prophet's statements to the scriptures. When we find it there we have our ABSOLUTE.
Eph. 4:4-6 teaches ONE FAITH. " There is one body and one Spirit, even as you are called IN ONE HOPE of your calling. One Lord, ONE FAITH, one Baptism, one God and Father of all, and through all, and in you all."
Notice what the Scripture says. We are called in ONE HOPE of our salvation. It goes on to say there is only ONE FAITH connected with our salvation. Whether it be salvation for the soul, body or spirit, ONE FAITH WORKS for the whole man. We are to see ourselves as one UNIT, and the whole unit saved by ONE FAITH. Never did the Lord intend for this faith to be so divided as to save only a part of us. We are to use the same faith and claim the whole man saved!
What a powerful truth has been revealed here. We are to understand that when the soul is believing for its salvation, there is also already PRESENT in that same assurance all that is needed to heal the body. Does not the scriptures say that once the soul has prospered so that it believes it is saved so can the BODY prosper in health? Surely it does.
III John, Verse 2, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and BE IN HEALTH, even as your soul prospers."
May the Lord open our eyes so that we can use the SAME FAITH that prospered our soul to take back our health from the enemy.
Ps. 34:19, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him from them all."
As I write I am praying, "Lord, give me the words that will prepare minds to receive this revelation." No man can give another revelation, but the mind can be so instructed that when the Spirit comes, that which was in the mind drops into the heart. We know we have revelation when we have incorporated into our lives the intellectual knowledge. Once this truth drops into our hearts, we will never again testify, "I do not have faith to be healed." We cannot deny faith and see it work at the same time. Though faith for the whole man has been there all along, it remains for it to be claimed." "They overcame him (the devil) by the blood of the Lamb and BY THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY." (REV. 12:11) To the power of the cross these Christians had to add their testimony. So will we have to open our mouths and testify to having healing faith. And this will be no problem once we know it's there.
In saying all that has been said thus far, we do not discount the fact that it was the WORD that gave us faith to claim security for our soul. In like manner it is the WORD that has revealed God's will concerning security for the body. I believe that, for the most part, our readers are those who know God's Word. Not only do we have much Word telling of His will to heal, but a merciful Father has gone a step further to prove His will to the Bride.


I refer to the two supernatural gifts that God gave to Brother Branham. One, the sign in the hand by which he diagnosed diseases, and the other sign, to know the thoughts and intents of the heart. When we consider that these sign gifts did not heal the people, as testified to by the prophet, then it behooves us to consider the reason for them being given.
Do you recall the prophet's words as he conversed with the commissioning angel? He said, "Sir, I'm afraid they won't receive me." (That is, they won't believe me.) The angel replied, "It will come to pass if they won't hear (believe) the first sign, then they will believe the second one (the reading of their thoughts). The signs were to MAKE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE! And what exactly was it they were to believe? Oh, the simplicity of it. They were to believe that the very Christ Himself was standing before them in the body-form of a prophet, and that it was this very Christ speaking to them, and telling them things about themselves that the man William Branham had no way of knowing.
Then they were to understand that this was being done, not only to prove His PRESENCE, but to also PROVE HIS WILLINGNESS TO HEAL THEIR SICKNESSES. The gifts, and the fact that Jesus Himself was there operating them, was to be their proof of His will to heal. Have we not all stood in the place of doubting that precious will, even as the leper who said, "Lord, if thou WILT, Thou canst make me clean." (Matt. 8:2)
The man knew of the Lord's POWER. He had no doubt seen it demonstrated, but he needed help, even as we, to believe that one such as himself would be noticed and healed. The Lord's actions and words to this man two thousand years ago were meant to erase the doubts of the masses down through the ages, but somehow we had forgotten. The very atmosphere had become contaminated with doubts and fears.
But our God had promised that, "In the evening time it shall be light." (Rev. 16:9) "For He had looked down from the height of His sanctuary, from Heaven did the Lord behold the earth; To hear the groaning of the prisoner, to loose those that are appointed to death." (Ps. 102:19-20)
Yes, it was time for Luke 17:22-30 to be fulfilled. Jesus Himself came down to perform again, through His prophet, His ministry of two thousand years ago. When He came He brought His angels with Him. They ministered to the prophet, and the prophet in turn, ministered to the Bride. We were told that the Heavens were bursting with the riches of His grace. The deliverer had come from Heaven Himself, from the secret place of the Most High to show forth His signs, to cause us to believe so He could set us free.
This is a momentous time for those who will catch the vision. It may be night for people of doubt and unbelief; it may be black indeed for those who will not give up their sins; it might be night for some, but it is glorious morning for the Bride who is studying the message of the hour. The heavens are telling of the glory and power of the Lord. Angels are waiting to serve the Bride. Look up, little Bride, Jesus is reaching down today, just as He did when our prophet was here. The things that we have longed and prayed for are ours.
How many times in years past have we sat before our tape recorders and heard the prophet operate the two gifts of mercy, yet never fully catching the revelation of WHY they were being operated. I call them gifts of mercy and that is exactly what they were. It was grace helping our unbelief; it was Christ come to dissolve our doubts; it was the Voice divine speaking His willingness to heal our bodies.
Can we now accept these two signs for what they were, PROOF that He is here today, the same as yesterday to heal our pain racked bodies? If we will, then we can stop our struggles to attain faith, for the thing we have desired has already been attained. The thing for which we have sought and prayed is in our possession. The faith for which we have hoped lies already with in our breasts.
Just as we do not doubt His will to save our souls, now we can refuse to doubt His willingness to heal our bodies. Just as the soul is saved by our knowledge of His willingness to save it, so will the body be saved by our knowledge of His willingness to heal it. That, dear friend, is why the two sign-gifts of mercy were given.


There is but one temple on earth that God recognizes, and that temple is the body of man. "Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you." (I Cor. 3:16) Do we understand that the body of Christ is still on earth? His Bride, an actual organic, living, moving reality, indwelt by Himself? We are the Temples of the Most High God as surely as was Jesus the Christ, and there is nothing Holier this side of Heaven. "If any man defile the Temple of God, him shall God destroy, for the Temple of God is HOLY, which Temple ye are." (I Cor. 3:17)
How unthinkable it should be for us to allow satanic germs of sickness to dwell in this Temple with our Christ. We must allow them no place. Could the angry waves of Galilee have entered the boat with the Disciples, to swamp them, if they had been properly aware of His presence?
We are His Temple. Did not our prophet teach us that it had been the eternal purpose of God to make of man a tabernacle for Himself? He would not forever dwell in temples made with human hands. He would not always hide himself behind a veil of skins. The best buildings that men can construct are being destroyed by fires, mud slides, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes.
What is to remain? Nothing but a Temple! A Temple not made with hands, a living Temple which is the habitation of the Eternal God. According to the prophet, this is the consummation of the mystery, Christ in flesh bodies, the hope of glory. But there must come an hour when this Temple is sanctified, cleansed and set aside for His service.
It needs to be strong and healthy, alert and full of His life, going about to finish the work that Jesus did not finish when He was here. Do I hear you ask, "But, Brother, don't you realize that this Temple you speak of will be destroyed and the flesh will not survive? Oh, yes! I believe that also. At the same time, we are responsible for keeping it as the clean, healthy residence of our God until He has finished with it.
We have stated that the same faith that assures us of our soul's salvation should also assure us of the healing of our bodies. We have said that the faith for the keeping of the soul has come out of the Word. Now, let us review the part of the Word that guarantees us healing for the body. Both promises are in the same covenant (agreement).
As we read the Word, we will be able to see that many of us have accepted only part of God's promise, the part that pertains to the soul. Somehow we have missed the revelation that God included our bodies in His salvation plan.
Ps. 103:2-3, "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and FORGET NOT ALL HIS BENEFITS", (Here the Holy Ghost knew that we would have a problem believing God for our health and sets forth a WARNING. He is saying, in other words, "Don't just claim salvation for the soul, but let your faith reach out and claim salvation for the body also.") "Who forgiveth all thine iniquities, WHO HEALETH ALL THY DISEASES."
A double cure for a double curse! Don't forget the terrible payment that our Lord paid at the whipping post on the way to the cross. The same day He was crucified He took upon Himself our sicknesses. "Who His own Self bare our sins in His own Body on the Whose stripes ye were HEALED." (I Pet. 2:24) How plain this Word is, that Jesus bore both sin and sicknesses for us.
We believe that we were redeemed from sin, do we not? Yes! A Christian readily believes that part of the Word. But the other benefit is just as clearly set forth, "Who healeth all they diseases."
Ps. 89:34, "My covenant will I not break, not alter the thing that has gone out of My lips."
Ps. 34:19, "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him from them all."
God says, "I will hasten My Word to perform it." (Jerm. 1:12) God has not changed! Yesterday He said, "I am the Lord that healeth thee." (Ex. 15:26) Today He is still healing the bodies of all who will accept it.
We must be convinced that it is God's will to heal us. There is a time and place to pray, "Lord, Thy will be done." But in the matter of healing for our own personal selves, we must be absolutely sure that God wants us to, "Prosper and be in HEALTH, even as our soul prospers." (III John 2)
A Christian who is serving God in the line of duty, having always a repentant heart, and knowing his sins are under the blood daily, can fully expect God to watch over his health. He has a right to claim his health, even as he claims the salvation of his soul.
QUOTE: POSSESSING THE ENEMY'S GATES, PAGE 10, "Now we have a right to conquer all sickness. We don't have to conquer it, it's already conquered! We just have to claim the promise and go take it. It's already conquered. Death is conquered, hell is conquered, sickness is conquered, temptation is conquered, all devils are conquered. We stand in the gate, taking it! Don't have to fire a shot, it's already been paid for."
PAGE 11, "Aren't you happy this morning to know that we stand NOW more than a conqueror? Oh, there is nothing to fight about. The fight is over, the whistle's blowed, the flag's rose, and in the midst of every sin pile, IN THE MIDST OF EVERY SICK ROOM, is the old rugged cross, planted by the blood of Jesus Christ, a Conqueror. The only thing we do is believe, look and live." (End quote)
Dear Bride, don't search for a different faith, or for more faith, or for a different feeling. Just think of your soul's safety, and then include your body in that circle of safety! In due time, your body will begin to recover, and before you are aware of any change in your believing, you will be secure in both soul and body. Amen!