By C.W. Wood       February 2005


For our text Scripture, we will look at Romans 8:20-21, “For the Creature was made subject to vanity (sin), not willingly, but by reason of Him (God) who hath subjected the same in hope, because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.”

In these two short verses lies a very powerful revelation. We will ask our Lord Jesus to shine His light on them for us. In looking at the first part of Verse 20, we see that we, the creature, the human being, was MADE SUBJECT TO VANITY. To have been MADE subject to sin, reveals the fact that we had no say about having been born a sinner, depraved and separated from God. Reading the rest of the verse, we see that we were not willing to have been made so, but because it was the plan of Him who makes no mistakes, it was done.

Please notice that if the Scripture says we were NOT WILLING to be subjected to sin; then we must have been rational creatures, able to reason, BEFORE we were placed in these flesh bodies. But before this time, of living in the flesh, we must have lived in ANOTHER BODY, and in ANOTHER PLACE. And this is what the Prophet taught. We came from a higher being!

QUOTE: C.O.D. BOOK PAGE 339-340, “When God made man, He made him a Theophany…..when God made man in His Image, in His Likeness, there was no man yet to till the soil, and God had done made them Male and Female. That’s right, no man to till the soil.” (End quote)

According to our text scripture, we were in Heaven with our Creator, blessed and happy in our Theophany Body, with NO SIN. But the time came for God’s great Plan of Salvation to be put in motion, and it was His plan for His sinless creatures to be SUBJECTED TO VANITY.

God’s plan to become a SAVIOUR began to unfold when He took a part of one of His Sons named Adam, out of his Theophany, and placed him in a flesh body here on Earth. In this flesh body, Adam became SUBJECT TO SIN. Although Adam was now subjected to sin, we must show that God did not entice him to sin, but rather straightly warned him against doing so. Gen. 2:17, “But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shall not eat of it; for in the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.”  

Though Adam was warned, God knew what he would do, and The Fall was not something that could be avoided, that is if God was to carry out His Plan of Salvation. Before Salvation could be a necessity and then freely given by God’s Grace, there had to be those who needed to be saved! God was determined to have a way in which He could make known to His subjects the Love that, before The Fall, had no proper way of being expressed. Since God not only LOVES, but is LOVE ITSELF, He was determined to make that known to His Sons and Daughters.

Now, having said all that we have said above, we will bring in a statement of the Prophet that is hard to understand, that is until we understand God’s reason for allowing The Fall. (We do understand, don’t we, that God could have avoided The Fall, had it better suited His purpose!)

QUOTE: INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST, PAGE 33, “How did you come to do this (Commit sin)? You were deceived into it by your first marriage…to your adulteress parent, Eve. IS NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN. By your natural birth you come after Eve, who committed adultery. That is the reason you were born an adulteress. You were a sinner to begin with, that is right. You were deceived into it. You had no…... (We believe we could enter the word CHOICE here where the Prophet left it blank) No, it wasn’t your fault. You never did it, because that little germ that was in you was to be you before the foundation of the world. God put your name in The Lamb’s Book of Life.” (End quote)

Can we see that this statement of the Prophet fits our text scripture that says we were MADE SUBJECT TO SIN by reason of Him that subjected us to it? Brother Branham was not meaning to come against The Plan of God, which plan was to subject us to sin. He was only pointing out that the GERM, or SEED, that was placed in this flesh body was a part of God, Himself, and that part, which is the real us, has never sinned. Who will accuse God of sin?

When he said we were deceived into it, he was not saying that God deceived us. He was saying that the Serpent deceived Eve, and because of her sin, we were born lost and depraved. Now to see that this is the very same thing that Paul taught, let us go to Rom. 7:16 -17. “If then I do that which I would not, I consent unto the Law that it is good. NOW THEN IT IS NO MORE I THAT DO IT, BUT SIN THAT DWELLETH IN ME.”

Paul was teaching that there was a part of him, the Inner Man, the Seed, or the New Soul, that had never sinned. And not only that, but it could never sin, because it was part of God Himself. Now, if we were MADE SUBJECT TO SIN, but not willingly, and if the real us, the part that was originally in the Theophany, has never sinned and cannot now sin, then we should be able to see that it is our flesh man, that came from The Fall, who is guilty!  

Now, Dear Reader, before you are left with the wrong impression, we are not saying that we do not need to repent for our sins in the flesh. We know we are guilty, even as Adam knew he was. We know better than to give ourselves over to sins of the flesh. God has written His Laws in our hearts, and we know better. What we are trying to show is that our God’s Great Plan was to Justify the ungodly, and before He could do so, there had to be the ungodly who needed Justifying! Therefore, The Fall fit exactly into God’s Plan. You and I must have a Redeemer, and it was in the Heart of our Creator to be such a One.

We have said that The Fall in Eden was not something that God wanted to avoid. Now we will also say that The Cross was not something that could have been avoided. Both were in God’s Plan before He created the world. We were so loved by Father that He could not contain it, and He was determined to have a way to catch the overflow of it. The Fall by the first Adam had earned death for us all; being that Adam was our representative. Now the second Adam, Jesus Christ, would also be our Representative and give His life for ours. Is there a greater love than this, that while we were guilty sinners, He died for us. Rom. 5:18, “Therefore as by the offence of One (Adam), judgment came upon all men to condemnation, even so by the Righteousness of One (Jesus Christ), the free gift came upon all men unto Justification of Life.” God could devise no better way of expressing His great love for His own, than by giving His own life in their place! Rom. 5:7, “For scarcely for a righteous man will one die; Yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die.” Verse 8, “But God commanded His Love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

There is nothing out of cater; it has all happened exactly as God planned it. He would not be satisfied in His great Mind until there was a need for He, Himself, to live in a flesh body, without sin, then give that perfect life in our stead. The Fall earned us death, but now His death, as our Representative, has paid our debt. Who but God could have thought of subjecting His own Children to vanity, so that He could then express a love that has no boundaries? But even if someone had thought of such a plan, no one but our Lord could have done it. Only God can justify the ungodly.

Now our sins are cast behind His back. He has blotted them out. Though they be brought up again by Satan, they shall not be found. Grace is that compassion that does not deal with us according to what we deserve. If He dealt with us according to His Law, we would have everlasting wrath. He dealt with Jesus Christ (Who was God in flesh) according to The Law, and if we would know what He saved us from, then study His death on The Cross. For six, long, terrible hours He died one second at a time. He did not have to do it, there was no cause for death in Himself, and it was His Will that He would suffer it in our place.

The Justification that comes from God, Himself, must be beyond question. If the Judge who made The Law came and fulfilled it in our stead and acquitted us, who can condemn us? If the highest court in the universe has pronounced us Just, who shall lay anything to our charge? Justification from the Just One, Himself, is the Devil’s answer when he comes to condemn! The Holy Ghost in us brings us peace that is past understanding. It can stand in the face of all the devils roaring. With this peace, we can live from day to day, with this peace we can also die, and then rise again.

Shall the lost man, who does not have this peace, dare to overlook what his Creator has done in order to give it to him? The Lord can blot out all your sins. “All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men.” Though you are sunk in sin up to your neck, He can remove it and say, “I will, be thou clean.” He will say, “Thy sins be forgiven thee, go in peace.” And if He does this for you, no power on Earth, or under the earth, or in Heaven, can put you back under wrath!

We should never again doubt the power of God’s love, once we see that it was by His own will that He planned to die in our place. We could not forgive our fellowman if he had offended us as we have offended God, but we can’t measure God’s love in our measuring cup. His ways are as high above ours as the Heavens are the earth. You may be thinking, "It would be a great miracle, above any I have heard about, if God were to forgive me." Exactly right! It would be a great miracle, but one that He has performed over and over again. It is one that He greatly desires to perform. He died for 6 hours so He could perform it! Don’t let it be in vain as far as you are concerned! How can God remain JUST and yet JUSTIFY those of us who have been so guilty? How can God spare the worst sinner on Earth, and not violate His holiness? If this is a question in your mind, then listen to the answer! God can spare us because He DID NOT SPARE HIMSELF. God can pass over our sins because He bore them Himself on The Cross. If we believe that Jesus Christ was God, Himself, then believe that our sins were carried away by He who became the SCAPE GOAT for His people (See Lev. 16:7-10)

The Lord cannot read our pardon that was written in His own blood, then charge us with sin and smite us. The more I look at the sufferings of Jesus, the more certain I am that my debt was paid in full. He justifieth the ungodly, and that just fits my case. Our full hope for salvation lies in what Jesus did on The Cross. We have not one particle of hope in anything else.

One might say, I could believe that Jesus would forgive sin, but my trouble is that I sin again, and have such desires in me to do so. As surely as a stone thrown in the air comes down again, so do I return to sin. Though I did believe that He forgave me, I am found again and again under the spell of sin. Then, dear Friend, you must add Sanctification to your experience of Justification. Justification without Sanctification is not full Salvation. It would call a man well and leave him to die with his sickness. It would forgive the sinner, but leave him a rebel to his Lord. What then is Sanctification? First, let it be said that it can only come AFTER Justification. We must know that our sin-load has been lifted. Knowing this is a most glorious feeling, but we are still left with a desire to sin in our heart, as simply as I know how to state it, Sanctification is an experience that follows Justification, wherein we are prompted by the Holy Ghost (Who is still not in us, but only with us, see John 14:17) to make an iron clad decision to give the rest of our lives over to serving the One who forgave us of our sins.

When our Lord sees that we have truly made such a decision, we have at once become a candidate to receive the Holy Ghost Spirit. When His Spirit comes in, then the desire to sin is slain. That is not to say that we have been delivered from “The Law of Sin” that is in our flesh. That will remain until we are rid of our flesh. It is that in our heart we can no longer love sin. Though we may still be caught up in it from time to time, we will hate it even while doing it. The flesh can still be tempted to sin, but by His Spirit we bring the flesh more and more under control.

The Lord knows quite well that we cannot change our own heart, but He also knows that He can. He can cause the Ethiopian to change His skin, and the leopard his spots. It is an astonishing thing, but He can create us a second time; He can cause us to be Born-Again. What a mighty miracle it was when God, at the command of Moses, caused The Red Sea to part its waters so that they stood up in a heap on either side! Nothing but the power of God could have achieved that miracle. But that is a small thing compared to the course of our human nature being totally reversed, so that we tend toward God rather than away from Him.

He can reverse the direction of our desires, and that is what He has promised to do. Ezekiel 36:26-27, “A new heart also will I give you, and a new Spirit will I put within you; and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh. And I will give you a heart of flesh.” When the Lord has done this for us, no known power can take that new heart out of us. The Gifts and Callings of God are with out repentance. He will never repent and change His mind. He will not take away what He has given.

As a sow loves the mire, so does an ungodly man love his sin. You cannot force him to do what a saved man does. You may try to teach him, but he cannot learn holiness, He has no heart for it. You can set him a good example, but his nature leads him another way. But when the Lord makes a new creature out of him, then all things are changed. Only the Holy Ghost can do this. Can you make a thorn tree bear figs; can you change the sap in a tree? But more of a miracle is it when God changes a man’s heart. If you will yield yourself up to His working, He will change your nature.

Unchaste men and women are made pure as the driven snow. Thieves are made honest, drunkards are made to be sober, dope addicts are delivered from their bondage, liars are made the authors of truth, and scoffers are made to praise the Lord. The Grace of God has been offered to all men to do these things for us. You say, “I cannot make such a change!” You never spoke truer words, and no one has suggested that you can. The Scripture speaks not of what man can do, but of what God can and will do. But you may still question, “How can this be?” What business is that of yours? Do you have to understand God’s miracles before you will believe them? Do you understand your physical birth? I dare say you have no clue at all! But are you not alive and breathing?

So also can this Mighty God create you over again, and change the sap in your tree of life. He can make your thorn tree to bear figs for the rest of its days. He that made us subject to vanity only did so that He might makes us subject to His righteousness. He that allowed us to be born wrong only did so that we might be born again. He that allowed us to be born lost only did so that He might save us. He that allowed us to earn death only did so that He might freely give us of His Grace, and Life.

Yes, it was all done that we might better understand the character of our Creator, and therefore love Him with an undying love. Will a starving man refuse to eat because he does not understand the process of digestion? Not at all, if he is in any wise sensible, he will eat and leave the work of digestion to his body. Will a man who is bound by sin and headed into eternal death refuse to come to Christ because he does not understand the process of Salvation? Not at all, if he is in any wise sensible, he will come and leave the changing of his nature to the One who created him in the first place.

Lost Friend, take that which God has offered to you, what Grace has provided. Make use of His glorious Plan, for you are one of those He had in mind when He went to The Cross. Whosoever will let him take of The Water of Life freely. You, who may have this treasure simply by receiving it, will be very foolish to remain lost and go to Hell. How can we continue to be hard-hearted when we know that out of Supreme Love, Christ died for the ungodly? Though you may have a heart of iron that will not melt, though you have eyes that refuse to weep, yet meditate on this; He died for such as you are, the ungodly!

His desire is that the wicked should turn to Him and live. Ezekiel 33:10-11, “As I live saith the Lord, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live; Turn ye, turn ye, from your evil ways, for why will you die, Oh house of Israel.” Here God, in no uncertain terms declares to us His precious will. He has laid bare His loving heart, and spoken His innermost thoughts. He asks a most sincere and heart-felt question, “Why will you die?”

His desire is not to curse, but to bless. This desire was so strong and undying that He became a man and died, that He might give the blessing. God does not seek the sinner’s death; He seeks the salvation of his soul. He will finally condemn the unbeliever, but not because He delights to do so. He must do it when they have, for the last time, rejected His mercy and grace. He is not set to bring us to ruin.

The father in the story was not bent upon the ruin of The Prodigal. The Good Sheppard was not bent on the destruction of His stray sheep. Jesus was not delighting in the coming destruction of Jerusalem , He wept over it. The God of Israel was not bent on the misery of His people when He said, “How shall I give thee up Ephraim?”

The One who created us is not our enemy. He gives you your every breath, your every bite of food. He was not nailed to the tree so that we might die, but rather that we might live.

And surely, you that don’t know Him need life! What word more fully describes your spiritual condition than this? You are DEAD. You are not dead as far as being unable to feel your punishment that will surely come, but dead to all that is worth living for now. You are dead as far as being what God created you for; to show forth His Love to others. You are dead in your feelings toward Him that made you. You are void of love for Him.

You live in pleasure on Earth, committing your sins daily, because you are DEAD. You laugh and dance, and sport around, and make merry, but you are dead in the water, drifting toward the falls of utter destruction. As a log cannot rise up through the falls again, and come to the bank, neither can you save yourself from your deadness. Therefore He commands, even pleads, turn to Me. Why will you choose death for Eternity? Why will you choose weeping and wailing, and gnashing of teeth? Is this not a reasonable question? Do you have a reasonable answer? Before you would try to give an excuse, may I say that it would in no wise be reasonable!

See Him as He beckons to you with His nail-scarred hand; hear Him as He calls with His voice full of love. It is to your eternal loss if you refuse. If you still hesitate, and perhaps ask, “Am I at liberty to come to this Holy God?” let me ask you, “Are you at liberty to stop committing adultery, are you at liberty to stop swearing and stealing? Are you at liberty to honor your father and mother, and to be a good husband or wife?” Would it be wrong to do these things? Who asks such questions? Then is it wrong to turn to the One who will enable you to do them? You dare not do otherwise! He has commanded it! Amen.