De Witt Tabernacle Teaching Series

Every Seed Produces After It's Own Kind

"God's Seed Produces God Every Time"

By C.W. Wood    October-November 1999

In todayís religious world, we hear so very much from ministers about PLANTING SEED. It seems they are obsessed with seed planting. They admonish the people to plant seeds, but the seed they speak of is money. They greatly desire our money seeds to be planted in their gardens. It seems to this writer that the enemy has slipped in and turned a major doctrine of the Bible into a trap for many of Godís people. God does certainly have a law pertaining to seed planting and it does reach into the area of finances. We will reap as we have sown in that area. But there is a seed planting in the spiritual sense that the religious world seems to know nothing about.

Our subject in this sermon will have to do with Godís spiritual seed planting. There is a law of God found in Genesis Chapter 1, that declares that every seed must produce "After itís own kind." When God made that law, He had something far greater in His mind than just blessing us financially. (Although, we certainly appreciate His financial blessings.) Let us look at the Law of which we speak.

Gen. 1:11, "And God said let the Earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit AFTER HIS KIND, whose seed is in itself upon the Earth, and it was so."

Verse 12, "And the Earth brought forth grass and herb yeilding seed AFTER HIS KIND, and God saw that it was good."

In Verse 21, God created living creatures that live in the waters, which brought forth "AFTER THEIR KIND, and winged fowl AFTER HIS KIND." If you will read on through verse 25, you will find that God stated eight times in chapter one that EVERY SEED MUST PRODUCE AFTER ITS OWN KIND. It is as though He wanted to press that thought into our minds so that we could not forget it. Indeed, it is drastically important that we understand the principle set forth here. It has to do with the UNION that God planned between Himself and His Bride.

In Luke Chapter One, we find the story about the birth of our Lord Jesus. Luke 1:31, the Angel said to Mary, "And behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth a son, and thou shalt call His Name Jesus." When Mary questioned the Angel about her conception (not having known a man), she was told, "The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee and the Power of the Highest shall overshadow thee. Therefore, also that Holy Thing that shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God." (Luke 1:35)

We understand that God followed His own Law in His dealings with the Virgin Mary, in that the Seed He placed in her did in fact produce AFTER ITíS OWN KIND. The Seed of God produced GOD IN MARY. That Holy Thing that was born of her was God IN HUMAN FLESH. Keeping in mind that in Godís creation plan every seed produces after itís own kind, we wish to make this statement, "GODíS SEED PRODUCES God EVERY TIME." Godís Seed in Mary produced God. It was a UNION between God and human flesh. But the great glorious truth is

that this was only the "Beginning of the Creation of God" in human flesh. (Rev. 3:14) The Lord Jesus would be only the first born among many brethren. (Rom. 8:29)

We have been taught by Godís Prophet that when the Elect of God was born into their physical bodies, there was placed in them a Seed. Upon their entrance into the world, the Holy Ghost was there and overshadowed them, even as He did Mary. THE SAME HOLY GHOST THAT OVERSHADOWED MARY PLACED THE SAME KIND OF SEED IN EVERY BRIDE MEMBER. Now can we understand why our Lord stressed His point in Genesis Chapter One EIGHT TIMES?

His Seed in His Bride would produce Himself in her. God in human flesh. If the Holy Ghost Seed in Mary produced God, then the Holy Ghost Seed in the Bride must produce God also. Godís Seed produces God every time! Gal. 4:19, "My Little Children of whom I travail in birth again, UNTIL CHRIST BE FORMED IN YOU." Christ (God) is to be formed in His Bride. If this be so, then will it not take the SAME SEED that was placed in Mary? Surely this is true because the scripture says that the predestinated Bride are BROTHERS to Jesus.

Rom. 8:29, "For whom He did foreknow He did also predestinate to be conformed to the Image of His Son, that He might be the first born among MANY BRETHREN." How could the Bride be BROTHERS to Christ except they receive the same Seed from the same Father? Godís Seed produces God every time!

Our Prophet taught us that Godís plan from the beginning was to produce Himself in human flesh. And, this was to be so, not only in the GOD-MAN Jesus, but also in the Bride of Jesus. We do not understand it, but we accept the fact that Jesus Christ was both God and Man. He was no less God because He was man, and no less man because He was God. As I write these words, there is something burning in my heart and I must say it, the Bride of Christ, with the Seed of God in them, are no less God because they are man, and no less man because they are God!

You will at once say to me, "But there is a great difference between Godís Christ (God) and His Bride." In one great and important sense this is exactly true, but in another great and important sense they are the same.! The great difference is that Christ was born a REDEEMER and the Bride was born needing REDEEMED. Christ was born with the blood of God flowing in His veins and this made Him the Redeemer. The Bride was born with the blood of Adam in their veins and for this cause they need redeeming.

QUOTE: ONENESS, FEB. 11, 1962, PAGES 4-5, "Then God took from his side a rib (from Adamís side). Did you notice that the body part was a by-product, BUT NOT THE SPIRIT? The body part of the woman was a by-product, after the creation had been finished, God took from the side of Adam a rib and made a woman. BUT NOT THE SPIRIT, THE SPIRIT WAS PART OF ADAM..... Now, donít you see the great picture? We in the flesh ARE DIFFERENT. Weíre like a by-product, a created being, by Holy wedlock. BUT IN THE SPIRIT, WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS, NOT SOME OTHER SPIRIT, BUT THE SPIRIT OF THE LIVING God. We are in His likeness, in His Unity, in the perfect Image of the Living God, because we become Sons and Daughters. NOT SEPARATED, BUT THE SAME SPIRIT, THE SAME GOD, THE SAME PERSON JOINED IN WEDLOCK TO THE ETERNAL. See how God planned it, that we should be, not different, but HIM. Not some other Being of some other tribe, but a real union and offspring of the Almighty done by a Holy Union. (Done by a seed planting) Now the body comes from mother and father, but the Spirit comes from God. God separating Himself as Adam was separated." (End Quote)

The Blood of God in our Lord Jesus made it possible for Him to live above all sin at all times. Therefore, he could make a perfect sacrifice for our sins. The blood of Adam in us made it impossible for us to live all the Law all the time. Therefore, we can only be saved by FAITH in the One who could, and did, live all the Law. (Gal. 2:21) "........If righteousness come by the Law then Christ is dead in vain."

We are trying to show, "Who the Bride is in Christ Jesus." She is a part of God. She is the WORD MADE FLESH again in this end time. She is to be, not God Himself, but AS GOD to the people of the world to speak as the "Oracles of God" to a lost and dying generation. (Ex. 4:16)

Speaking now of the difference between Christ and His Bride, we look at the difference in the TIME that the Seed was placed in Mary, and in the TIME it was placed in the Bride. Mary received the Seed BEFORE she had known a man. Therefore, the blood in the Seed came to be in the veins of Jesus. The Seed in the Bride was placed in them AFTER their mothers had known their earthly fathers. This is only another way of saying that the Lord Jesus was Virgin born and the Bride is not.

We are saying that there was NO DIFFERENCE IN THE SEED, but the difference was in the TIME that the Holy Ghost placed the Seed. The Bride received the Seed after physical birth, or at the time of physical birth, while Mary received the Seed at her inception. Question? Could not God have placed His Seed in the Bride before their mothers had known a man? Could He not have caused the Bride to be Virgin born also? Yes! God could have brought forth His Bride in the same way He brought forth His Christ.

But, this would have done away with his plan of Redemption. There would have been no need for it, in that the Bride would have also been sin free. But Brother Branham said God was determined to show forth His attributes of which the main one was LOVE. There had been no proper outlet for the overflowing love of God. Therefore, his plan included a way in which it could manifest itself. Because of sexual birth, rather than a Virgin birth, we would need to be saved from our inability to keep Godís Law.

We would receive Godís Seed into a flesh body, but our flesh man would have in him "A Law of SIN". (Rom. 8:23) But, when the Seed was quickened in us we would also have the very NATURE OF God in our soul. II Peter 1:4, "He gave us an exceeding great and precious promise, that by this you might be PARTAKERS OF THE DIVINE NATURE." From the very beginning, our Father planned to give us back HIS OWN NATURE that had been in Adam before he fell.

He would do this by planting His own Seed in us at our physical birth. Godís Seed amounts to Godís own Soul being placed in us. His Seed and His Soul are one and the same.

QUOTE: FAITH IN ACTION (CHICAGO) Speaking about the eagle he watched on the Mountain that day Brother Branham said, "I could shoot you and he wasnít worried about that. I kept noticing him fooling with his feathers and his wings, like that. I thought, thatís it, heís trusting in his wings. God gave him two wings and he is a free bird. He can escape from danger anytime he wants to. ........If an eagle can have confidence in the wings God gave him, how much more ought we to have confidence in the Holy Ghost, that saved your soul AND BAPTIZED YOU WITH HIS SOUL?" (End quote)

Can we understand that when the seed of God is quickened in us we have the Soul of God making us "Partakers of His own Divine Nature?" The Prophet said we ought to have confidence in that SOUL OF GOD THAT IS IN US. Not confidence in our outer-flesh man. He is a failure, but confidence in that inner-man, where God lives. When our confidence is in the Soul of God that is in us, we will KNOW that He will cause us to "Come into the unity of the faith.....unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ." (Eph. 4:13)

With confidence in that Soul of God in us, we stand and testify, "I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me." (Gal. 2:20) We say "For me to live is Christ." (Gal. 2:21) We hold to Godís unchanging Law in Genesis that declares that every seed must "produce after itís own kind," and that we are GODíS KIND (on the inside of us).

Now, letís dig deeper into what the Seed of God has done for us. Having been placed in us at the time of our physical birth, there has always been a part of us that could not sin. We DID SIN before the Seed was quickened, but once it sprang into life, we were actually rendered incapable of sin. That is to say, in our hearts we could no longer LOVE sin, even while our flesh man was, from time to time, caught up in it. Therefore, God looking at the heart, sees no sin.

There is a powerful word in I John 3:9, "Whosoever is born of God does not commit sin, for HIS SEED remaineth in him and he CANNOT SIN because he is born of God." With the Seed of God quickened in them, the Bride comes into this place of mighty spiritual power. In the eyes of God, she CANNOT SIN. She has been rid of all sin, therefore, she can take her stand with the Apostle Paul and say, "There is therefore NOW no CONDEMNATION." (Rom. 8:1) Is it not condemnation that robs us of our power with God, and is it not the platform of sin that condemnation stands on to do its deadly work? But, what if we stand on the Word we just read in I John 3:9 and declare ourselves to be freed from sin? Then condemnation has no foundation and has lost its hold on us.

Sin is the weapon that Satan holds over us. It is his heavy bludgeon with which he has struck us many deadly blows. Each blow has been deadly in that they bring condemnation. But, if "OUR HEARTS CONDEMN US NOT, THEN HAVE WE CONFIDENCE TOWARD GOD." Oh Friends, hear the good news of the Gospel. Those in whom the Seed of God resides are not being charged with sin, "For His Seed remains in them and they cannot sin." (I John 3:9)

Rom. 4:6, "Even as David also describeth the blessedness of man, unto whom God imputeth (gives) righteousness without works. Saying, blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord WILL NOT IMPUTE (charge) SIN."

Rom. 8:33, "Who shall lay anything to the charge of Godís Elect? It is God that Justifieth." Verse 34, "Who is he that condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who is even at the right Hand of God, who also maketh intercession for us." The Holy Ghost asks us a question here, "Who is he that condemneth?" Of course it is the devil. How could our God condemn us after His sacrifice, and all His promises that we are free? God CONVICTS, SATAN CONDEMNS. Conviction ceases upon our repentance, Condemnation never ceases. We will always FEEL it, but we rule it out by Faith.

How can we tell the difference between conviction and condemnation? The truth is we cannot separate the two except by faith. The enemy comes as an Angel of Light. His condemnation is said to have come from God, but we repent and by Faith believe God forgave us. From that point on we know that conviction ceased and that the ill feelings that continue are from Satan. Therefore, we reject them, and by pure faith declare that we are at peace with our God. Years after repentance over some wrong condemnation continues to come from Satan, but we stand and say, "Him that cometh to God will not be cast out." (John 6:37)

The Seed of God in us has reestablished the fellowship we had with him before we were "Made subject to vanity" (Rom. 8:20) by being made "Partakers of flesh and blood." (Heb. 2:14) The union that we had with Him in Heaven, in our Theophany body, has now been continued by the placing of His Seed, and the quickening of the same in us.

QUOTE: ONENESS, PAGE 4, "Thatís Godís purpose. And His purpose as Father, Supreme, was to be ONE WITH HIS FAMILY (fellowship with His family). His Earthly family, Adam and Eve. And the only way they could be one with God was because GODíS NATURE WAS IN THEM. Then with each other and (with) God, they became all One.......Jesus prayed that the Church and He would be One like He and the Father were One..........What a union, a Oneness that would be to see God in His Church till every member is just perfectly in harmony with each other, and (with) God..... And it is the only grounds of fellowship that God has ever laid down for Himself and His Church is the ONENESS of Himself in the people. Thatís the only grounds of fellowship. And the only way you can have those grounds, is by a UNION, to be united with Him forever........United eternally with the Eternal God, perfectly in harmony with Him, perfectly united together....." (End quote)

This UNION the Prophet spoke of is brought to pass by the placing of Godís SEED in us so that we are made "Partakers of the Divine Nature" that is in the Seed. (II Pet.1:4) and by that Seed "Christ is formed in us." (Gal. 4:19) This brings us back to the title of our sermon, "Every Seed Produces After Itís Own Kind" and the fact that Godís Seed produces God every time.

Did you ever wonder what the Prophet was speaking about in the Message, "TRYING TO DO GOD A SERVICE WITHOUT HIS WILL?" When he said, QUOTE, PAGE 54, "And if you were ordained from the beginning of the Earth to that Word, every Word will come right on top of the Word. Like a human cell will not have one human cell, and the next cell of a dog, and the next cell of a cat, but itíll be human cells. But, itís got to have a cell (Seed) first to start with. Is that right? Say Amen! Well if it is the Word cell to start with, the other Word cells are ordained to make it a full Body. (End quote)

To this writer he is saying, if the Seed of God is in us, then no other Seed cells will be tolerated. No Methodist, no Baptist, no Church of Christ, no Catholic, no Assembly of God, no Church of God and etc. The Word Seed cells of God in us will only receive more revealed Word cells from God until they have produced the "Stature of the fullness of Christ." (Eph. 4:13)

Godís Seed produces God every time! Amen.