C.W.WOOD                                                                                                                                         OCT.  2016

   A PERSONAL TALK WITH OUR READERS: I thank God for each one of you.  What good would it do to write the Revelations of God if no one read the Sermons?  We do know that no amount of religious instruction or culture can give Spiritual understanding to the intellect.  A person must be Divinely Illumined before they can Perceive the meaning of the things of God.  The most illiterate Babe in Christ has the ability to understand Spiritual things that an unsaved University Graduate does not have!  The Plain and simple Word of God is far above the natural mind of man.  Jesus stood and cried, “If any man thirst let him come unto me and drink.”
Here is the Gospel in a single, short sentence.  Three words in it stand out and call for special attention, “Thirst” “Come” “Drink.”

   So many of you Precious People write and call to let it be known that you are obeying His call.  Far be it from me to lay claim to these Revelations Personally, yet it has Fallen my lot to repeat them as they were given to our last-day Prophet.  His Word never returns void, it always accomplishes that for which it is sent.  With that always in mind and the encouragement you Readers give us, we Press the battle, while watching every moment to See those who died in Christ, up and walking among us again.  What will we believe today, some denominal church doctrine or the Bible?  Who will we follow some self-appointed minister or a Word Prophet, who God Proved over and over was speaking for Him?  The world today is being torn between Religions of all Kinds and the Word of God.  Honest Heart, God has not overlooked you.  More and more we hear His Urgent call “Come unto me and drink of the water of life Freely.”  We, at DeWitt Tabernacle love each one of you.  Our Thanks to you is more than lip service. It is Heart-felt.                                                                                                       Br. C.W. Wood



  The Great need of the modern church is to receive the Holy Ghost.  Many are anointed in their Spirit with the Holy Ghost, but have never received the new Soul which is God’s Spirit in the innermost Part of man. 

   John 14:17 “-----He dwelleth with you and shall be in you. “  Rom. 8:9 “-----Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.”

   Our Prophet, Wm. Branham, taught us that you can have the Holy Ghost anointing your Spirit and still not have Eternal life which is the Soul of God that comes in and replaces the old Soul that is the result of our Sexual Birth.

   When the Lord Jesus spoke and said, “Ye must be Born Again”, He spoke of His Spirit, or His Soul coming into the innermost Part of our being and slaying our old Soul that must die because of Sin.

   Ezek. 18”4 “-------The Soul that sinneth, it shall die.”  Ezek. 18:20 “The Soul that sinneth, it shall die.”

   All humanity was Born with a lost Soul and that Soul must die.  It will die when God replaces it with His Soul, or else it will die in hell, for hell is not eternal!

   But now, to the Point of this Sermon.  Do we realize what we are asking for when we desire the Holy Ghost???

   The Holy Ghost is producing the Bride Revival!

    But it will not be a Public Show as was the denominational church revival.  The Bride Revival will be an inward conflict between our Flesh man, that came from Satan and the Holy Ghost that was Sent by God to overcome the Flesh!

   The Bride will Perform Miracles, but the greatest miracle will be the new Soul overcoming the law of Sin in our members.  The Bride Revival is an individual affair between you and the Holy Ghost.

   The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of Judgment sent into the Flesh body of man to burn out of him his Sinful ways!  It is sent by God to Save us from our Selfish Nature that we were born with!

  The Holy Ghost comes to make us realize how lost we are in our Carnal Nature without God’s Spirit to change us!  The Holy Ghost comes to start an inward conflict in us between Himself and our Flesh Part.

   There are those today in our Churches Who do not realize What they are asking for when they receive the Holy Ghost.  Very few people realize the battle that will start to rage in them, once the Holy Ghost comes!  How often do we hear their mournful cry as they are in Spiritual Darkness, wondering What is happening to them!  (The Furnace is Hot)

   In our Unlearned State we are apt to think that the Devil has been loosed to destroy us.  But the truth is that God has Set out to Prove to Lucifer that God’s Spirit in a human is more Powerful than the law of Sin that is in our Flesh.

    “The Creature (us) was made subject to Sin by  reason of Him (God) that subjected us to the Same in hope.”   We were not willing by our own thinking to leave Heaven where we were Eternally saved and happy. (Rom. 8:20)  But this Writer believes that when we were asked by our Father if we would agree to help Him with His Plan to Prove Lucifer Wrong that we agreed!

   Reading between the lines as our Prophet Said we must learn to do, we can see that the Devil accused God of not giving him a fair chance to win all the angels (us) in Heaven before he was put out.  Our God does not receive an accusation of being Wrong without giving Ample Proof that He is never Wrong.

   His answer to Satan who accused Him of wrong was to give him another chance at those of us, who in Heaven would not Follow the evil doctrine of Satan.  That chance came about on this wise.  God allowed the Devil to come into the Garden of Eden and insert himself into the human race thru a Sexual act between Eve and the serpent.  This act Produced in the human race a people who Had in their unholy Flesh a law of sin that came from the Devil!

   God’s Plan was that Adam should speak his children into existence, in a body that Would not Sin.  But, in order to Prove to the rebellious Lucifer that God’s Spirit is more Powerful than his, God allowed the human race to be born thru Sex.

   This then, was God’s answer to Satan’s accusation that God had done him wrong by putting him out of Heaven.  And even later, down on Earth, Satan was still accusing God of not letting him get to Job.  Satan claimed that if God would let him thru the hedge, he would make Job curse God.  Can we See now that the Holy Ghost was Sent to burn the Devil’s law of sin out of our lives, so that although we would never be Perfect in this Flesh, God would create in us a Perfect Character that would be fit to go into the Theophany body that is even now waiting for us!!!

   And so, Jesus said, “I came not to bring Peace, but a Sword, and that Sword (The Holy Ghost) starts to hack to Pieces our devilish Flesh, Killing, breaking in Pieces, burning out the impurities and the dross.  The old depraved life has to die.  The Holy Ghost Kills nothing except what ought to die!!  The Holy Ghost quickens and gives new life to all that is of God!

   Then you may ask what is the Rest that the Bible speaks of when the Holy Ghost comes.  It is the rest that only Faith can bring!  The rest is the revealed knowledge that we are being used of God to Prove Satan wrong when he said to God that he could eventually win all angels (people) over to his rebellious Plan.

   It seems that only by some painful experiences do we come to the full truth of what God is doing when He puts His Spirit in us!  God has to Prove to us by Some experiences He leads us thru, that we are “Born in Sin, and shapen in iniquity”, and that from the inside out, we are a Product of evil and must be Born Again, back into His Spiritual Kingdom.

   QUOTE: “You Must Be Born Again” Pg. 14-15, 1958 “We are all borned in Sin and shaped in iniquity.  There is not a sound parcel in us.  Our minds are bad, our Soul is Corrupted.  Our constant thinking is evil.  Every imaginary thought of a man’s mind is Evil, and also our body is weak, our Spirit is No Good.  We are just full of Corruption.

   “And how could one corruptible thing bring a good thing out of a corrupted?  “As the Prophet goes on speaking he said, “Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean?”  (Not one can do it)

End Quote.

   The Holy Ghost comes in and begins to show us What is of God and What is coming out of our Fallen Nature.  He shows us What is Man’s teaching and What is God’s teaching!  Before the Holy Ghost comes in, we may not know What is of God and what is our Fallen Nature controlling us.

   But the Holy Ghost, which is God in Spirit Form, can never be fooled by the ways of the Devil in our human nature.  The Holy Ghost will lay down straight lines (teaching) and show the difference between the natural and the Spiritual.

   You would be led to think by some ministers that we are all Christian People, but the Scriptures do not agree with that teaching!  The Scriptures speak of the Living and the Dead, about the Believers and the Unbelievers, about those who See and those who are Blind!  It talks about those who are called of God and those who are still serving the evil one.  The Bible speaks about those who repent daily and those who refuse to lay down their Sins.

    The three classes of People are still here, Believers, Unbelievers and Make-Believers.  The Holy Ghost is a Separator of People; He will Separate the Holy from the Unholy!  There is nothing in the World that will Separate the People in a church as they Ought to be divided, like the Preaching of the Revealed Word of God!

   Lost People will duck and dodge and run from the Holy Ghost Spirit of Correction, but the Preached Word goes to his heart.  The two-edged Sword that cuts both ways also has a sharp Point that cuts into the human heart.  It will judge the thoughts of a man and though he may twist and turn, the Word tracks him down.  The lost Person is made to Feel the Spirit of God and to finally yield to His voice, once the Holy Ghost sets out on his trail!

  I believe also that the best way to win the lost is not always accusing him of Sin, but to Preach the truth of Salvation more clearly!  There is a time to Warn, but also a time to encourage a change.  Though the modern church treats the Word of God with Contempt when it goes against their life style, it was not treated so by the Lord Jesus!  He gave full respect and reverence at all times.  He continually quoted the Prophets and the Law and the Psalms.  How can we go Wrong by following His example?

   The Written Word of our God must Correct every thought of man that is contrary and the Holy Ghost is Sent to do that!  We see the same value Placed on the Scriptures by the Lord’s Disciples.  They used the Old Testament Scriptures as their text Book.  It was their Supreme Authority to settle all Arguments.

   Today, the Five-Fold ministry does not question the Authority of the Word.  It is their Absolute as they labor to Perfect God’s End-Time Bride.  They say to her, You must tear yourself away from this fashionable world.  You cannot have Jesus as your Bridegroom and have the world too.

  You have to break away from the religious world.  You have to quit old habits, old motives, old ambitions, old Pleasures and old trains of thought.  All things must become new.  You must die and be Born Again.  That is what the Holy Ghost is given for!  He came to Crucify your old man.  The Holy Ghost Passes the sentence of death on the Flesh man.

   11 Corinthians 1:9 “But we had the sentence of death in ourselves, that we should not trust in Ourselves, but in God which raiseth the dead.”

   Are you being Killed, and do you understand this most drastic Work of the Holy Ghost?  Sad to say, but too many Christians think God is still Condemning them for Past and Present Sins.  No!  But He is Crucifying our Flesh man and only those that consent to die to Self will be given as a chaste Bride to Jesus.  No man hates his own Flesh, but he must deliver it up to be Slain in order to be “Bride of Christ”, and so we understand why Jesus Said, there will only be a Few.