Dewitt Tabernacle Teaching Series


By C.W. Wood                                                                                                          July, 2017


   A PERSONAL NOTE TO OUR READERS:  It came to my mind to acquaint our readers with some other phases of our work here in DeWitt, Ark.  For 36 years we have published one sermon per week in our local newspaper.  Many times we have told them about God’s End-time Prophet.  Understandably, we have not tried to share the deep things of our message, as it would be too strong for them.  And so, we have printed sermons that they could benefit from as nominal Christians.  I have in my files, 36 years worth of these.

   My thought was to print a few of them for you Message Believers, to give you more insight about what you are supporting.  For years, we paid so much per word for the sermons.  However, at this time, they are printing them free.

   Also, we preach 3 times a week in our DeWitt Tabernacle Church, which I have pastored for 40 years.  Our group is very small and remains so, but we know we are growing spiritually.  By the time you receive this sermon I will be 92 and I have now truly learned how to pray, “Lord, Come Quickly” and mean it.  We love you all, Br. Wood & Church




   The Wonders of the Cross” By William Wood.  When a soul that has been lost comes to the foot of the Cross of Jesus and lays his sin burden down, not even the songs of angels seems so sweet as what comes out of the person’s mouth!  A new song and a new testimony gushes from the innermost soul of the newly forgiven saint.

   We have read how John Bunyan describes it.  He says, “When poor Pilgrim lost his burden at the cross, he gave three great leaps and went on his way singing, “Blest Cross, Blest sepulcher, Blest rather be   the man that was put to shame for me!”

   I can never forget 52 years ago when one night my blessed wife and I knelt while a Saint of God prayed for our souls.  Believer, do you remember when your chains fell off?  Do you remember the place where Jesus met you and said, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  I have blotted out the cloud of sin that was over you.  They shall not be remembered against you anymore forever!”

   What a great feeling of God’s supernatural love came when God removed the sickening pain of sin.  I could hardly keep from dancing and shouting, and that same night I had to tell some others what had happened to me.  Going outside after the prayer I saw God’s creation with a new pair of eyes.  The moon seemed brighter the stars seemed to be each one shining down on me.  I had met the Man face to face that I had heard His Name called “Jesus.”  I know in my own heart that He saved the chief of sinners.  My rebellious heart had been changed in a moment’s time.  But it is not only at the beginning of new life that Christians have reason for song and joy and peace of mind.  As long as we live we find new reasons and New   ways to love our Lord and tell of His great love that no human can properly explain.   We shall say, “I will bless the Lord and His Holy Name, and His praise shall be constantly in my mouth.”

   Let’s see to it then Brother and Sister that we magnify the Lord this day.  Let us be very clear about this one thing Dear Friend, there is no hope for us at all outside of Jesus Christ.  Good works are required of God’s people, but those works do not bring eternal life of themselves!  We will be rewarded for them once we are in Heaven, but only our trust in the fact that Jesus died in our stead is eternal life.  Truly we owed a debt we could not pay, and He came and paid a debt He did not owe.  Turn to Him at once Lost Person.  He will in no wise turn you down. (John 6:37)  Amen

   “What In Hell Do You Want?      By William Wood  It is my prayer that the title of my sermon will attract your attention, and if for no other reason you will read this out of curiosity.  I recently heard a minister ask his Congregation this question, and was at once all ears to hear what he was preaching.  As it turned out, he knew there were those in his Congregation who were traveling down a road that would take them to the wrong place.  And his question was geared to cause them to consider where it was that they were headed.  He was really asking them, what there was in Hell that they wanted?  And if the answer is as it should be, that there is absolutely nothing there at all to be desired, then why do you continue down the road that leads there?  What in Hell do you want????

   I recently had an experience with a tomcat that climbed into the cab of my truck, and unknown to me, he was there hiding under the back seat when I locked the truck up for the night.  When I unlocked the truck I was struck by a terrible odor flooding out the open door.  Looking inside I saw a large pile of cat dung in the very center of the driver’s seat.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and smelling.  I knew it had not been there when I locked the truck the night before.  I opened all four doors and cleaned my truck as best I could.  I saw no cat in the process.  The mystery deepened as I tried to figure out how the cat had gotten into the cab and back out.  Later that day, I again took soap and water to scrub my seats again.  That time when I was starting to clean the back seat again, a cat stuck its head out from under the back seat.  Startled, I backed out of the truck, leaving the door open.  The cat hit the driveway with his running gear in race mode.  I estimate he was doing around 30.

   Whatever it was in my truck that he thought he wanted; he had completely changed his mind, after having been there for over 20 hours.  So will it be for some who end up at the road they are now on.

   One rich man cried out to God, saying, “Send Lazarus with a little water.”  But the good news of the Gospel is, we don’t have to end up in that place.  John 6:40 “And this is the will of Him that sent me (Said Jesus) that everyone which seeth the Son and believeth on Him may have everlasting life.”  Lost Friend, ask yourself this question, “What is there in Hell that I want?”  Change your mind and come to Christ Jesus.  Amen

   “The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord”  By William Wood.  Mal. 4:5 ‘Behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord.”  Most Bible Students understand that this Scripture refers to the terrible tribulation time.  Verse 6 of Mal. goes on to say that this person, this prophet, will turn the hearts of the people back to the truth of God’s Word.  And in so doing, their following of this Prophet’s message will delay the curse temporarily.  Verse 6 says, I, God, will hold back the curse for the benefit of the few who accept the message of this last day Elijah.  And now this writer must preach the message that will bring the wrath of church natural down on my head.  But I had rather be charged as a religious fanatic by men, than a rebellious son by God.  The truth is, this prophet that was to come just before tribulation, has already come and gone.

   God took Brother William Branham home in 1965.  For over 50 years now this man’s teaching has been knocking on the church doors of America and the world.  God came to His vineyard through this prophet, seeking fruit.  America had been as a vine transplanted from Europe in a new soil.  God dug around His vine, He pruned and loved it.  He was not tired of His efforts to save the vine that He planted.  For 50 years now the Lord of light and glory has gone in and out among His people by means of this prophet of Mal 4;5!  God healed the sick, He comforted the sorrowing, He raised the dead, He spoke pardon and peace to the repentant.  He gathered about Him the weak and the weary, the helpless and those who had given up.  He extended to all men, without respect to age, or character, the invitation of mercy.

   Matt. 11:28 “Come unto me,  all ye  that  labour  and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”    

   Regardless of the indifference and contempt, God has continued His ministry of love toward this nation.  But now, 50 years after the death of this mighty prophet of Mal. 4:5, the hour of grace and mercy is fast passing.  The cup of God’s long deferred wrath is almost full.  The cloud of wrath that has been gathering through the years of rebellion is about to burst upon a guilty people.  The one God sent with a message has been slighted, abused and rejected.  The one who came with a ministry like our Lord Himself has been called a false prophet.   America’s day as a nation favored and blessed of God has ended.  God looks down on our religious church world and sees us scattered into different groups, like broken ships on a rocky shore.  He sees the judgments that are even now falling, and weeps again today even as He did long ago over Jerusalem!  Amen

   ‘Whosoever Will Let Him Take The Water of Life Freely (Rev. 22:17)  By William Wood  The Lord tells the lost sinner to “take freely)!!  He requires no payment and no preparation.

   You may say, I have no kind of feeling that He will save me, I would like to stop my sinning, but don’t feel  that I can.  Then come to Him just as you are and He will give you the feeling, and the power to lay down your sins.  Come to Him freely and without price.  He gives His Spirit and His power to the needy ones.

   There are drinking fountains in our places of business; they are there for their thirsty customers.  We can hardly imagine anyone reaching for his money to pay for a cool drink from one of them.  We could not stand there and say, “I can’t drink because I don’t have any extra money.  However broke we might be, the fountain there is for us.  It’s there for the rich man and the poor man.  But what if the rich man will not stop to drink where the poor beggars drink?  Then he will stay thirsty, and pay for his false pride!

   How many people are rich in their own good works, and cannot therefore come to Jesus?  They say, I will not be saved in the same way as the thief and the murderer. And Harlot!  I will not go to Heaven in the same way as the liar.  They may think there is a pathway to Heaven different from how the rapist got there, and say, I will not be saved that way!  Such proud boasters as this must remain without the living water, even though it is there for them.

   Nominal Church Member, how do you see the Pentecostal experience of  the Baptism of the Holy Ghost after you have believed? (Acts 19:2)  We are not converted until we receive the Holy Ghost.  Please read Luke 22:32.  Amen

   “The Number One Objective”  What does it mean to save a soul?  There is a great need to return to the old fashioned way of saving souls.  Too many of us have ignored the Bible doctrine of “Total Depravity.”  We tend to try and bring out some good that may be in lost people.  And there is something to be said for teaching good morals, but the best moral man that ever lived is still lost if he is not born again!

   We are all born in sin, shaped in iniquity, and came into  the world  speaking  lies.

We can call this our human nature.  Man born of woman is as full of sin as a stray dog is of fleas, and his nature will remain the same unless he is born again.  We can

call this our human nature.  Man born of woman is as full of sin as a stray dog is of fleas, and his nature will remain the same unless he is born again.

  And so, all God’s called ministers know that winning souls must be our number one goal.  All things of our old nature must be made new.  The old creature that was corrupt and dead in sin must be changed.  And, the sooner the better.  Jesus has come that this new birth is possible.  He is here in Spirit form to change the heart of all who will answer His call.

  We try to bless people by talking them into doing better, and we may see some results, but if the old sinning nature has not been changed they will be like the hog returning to its wallowing and the dog to its vomit!  We should think our efforts to have failed unless the pig nature has been changed to that of a lamb.  The pig nature is proof that they are still unbelievers.  Our work is to get spiritually dead people to live, and God only can do that change.  We tell them the miracle is there for them, but God must perform the change.  No amount of teaching or preaching, of itself, can ever bring this change.  No man can come except God calls him, but He calls us all!  The greatest mistake a human can make is to fail to come to Him when He calls.  Amen

                                                                                                          By William Wood








POSTSCRIPT TO PERSONAL NOTE: Dear Reader, Due to physical problems, I have been unable to thank you individually for your prayers and offerings.  Please accept this note as being to each one of you personally. Thank You!

                                                                                                           Br. C.W. Wood