By C.W. Wood                                                                                                  June 2018


Dear Friends of this ministry:  This letter is being written by one of my secretaries, Lynda Eason.  My motive is to be sure that all of you understand that your Spiritual and Financial help play a large part in our work here.  Although there is no charge for our books and Sermons we all understand that it takes money to Preach the Gospel.  We do not ask our readers for money but really appreciate those who feel led to help.  Next month, I’ll enter into my 94th year in this life it will also be my 53rd year to Preach the Gospel.  My time is running short and with my last Strength I press the battle.  God’s eye is on the Sparrow and I know He watches you as you help with this ministry.  We love each one of you and pray daily for your welfare.

                                                                                                                  In Christian Love,

                                                                                                               Pastor C.W. Wood


   We are now in our 23rd year of mailing out a monthly sermon.  In all this time I have never mailed a sermon on Marriage and Divorce.  The reason being that I have not felt that I had enough revelation on the Subject.  And I do not now say that I understand what the will of God would be in every case.  However, I have some truth concerning the subject and feel led to share that.

   In the Book of Genesis, we are told that when God Created man He made him both Male and Female.  In other words man was both Male and Female in his Spirit.  Our Prophet, William Branham told us that Adam first walked in the Garden of Eden in his Theophany body.  That is to Say that he was both Male and Female at first in Eden.  I believe that we all know that then God put Adam to Sleep and took his Feminish Part out and made a woman from one of Adam’s ribs.  This woman then was all Female and Adam was left as all Male!

   Then God joined Adam and Eve in Holy Wedlock and instructed them to repopulate the Earth.  The revelation that I believe I now have is that all men were Created Male and Female in the beginning and that their Soul Mate was in them at First.  Then, here on Earth God separated the Female spirit from man even as He did from Adam.

     But although they were Separated God intended to Put the Two back together again and make them one again, but in Separate bodies, even as He did Adam and Eve, and even as He did Christ and His Church.

   And so it became man’s responsibility to search out his Soul Mate, the one who had been Created in him at the beginning.  And so God said, “Let not man put asunder what God has joined together.” 

   The meaning of this is to Put us back as man and wife, with the one that the man was Created with at First.  Not meaning what some Justice of the Peace has joined together, but what God had Created together!  And to show that this is what God wanted to do, His Prophet said, “If you get the wrong one down here, you will have the right one in Heaven.”

   God’s plan cannot be Changed or stopped.  And so we see that Holy Matrimony should not be a thing of hit and miss, but following a Plan that God made for us.

   Those who are Contemplating marriage should Seek God and ask to be shown their true other half.

   There are Certain rules in the Scriptures that allow divorce, but I won’t go into that here.  Our goal in this teaching is to guide the People in the search for the Mate God has already Created for them.

   We may not know at once, but if you will seek God and His will in the matter He knows exactly how to Put you and your true mate together again.

   Now we will go to the Book of Genesis Chapter 1.  The Bible says eight times,   “Let every seed Produce after his kind.    

   This writer believes that this teaching should be applied to Marriage and Divorce.  It’s hard for me to believe that God would Create Male and Female in one body and make one of them white and the other black.

   Just as Eve was part of Adam, so is our help mate a part of the Male. With each seed producing after his own kind.

   Since this is a Spiritual law of God, it must apply to every part of our life.  To state further what I mean, a Black man should marry a Black woman and produce after his kind.  A  white man should  marry  a white  woman and produce after his kind. Mexicans with Mexicans, Indians with Indians, Japanese with Japanese, Filipinos with Filipinos.

   What I am saying is that I believe our Soul Mate will have been placed in the same environment  and therefore be at least to some degree, compatible.

   Of  course  there  will  be many questions asked concerning this teaching.  I am not suggesting that those who have  not followed this rule should Divorce and Separate.  This teaching is only the general  rule as I see it and God gave William Braham the authority to allow such couples to remain as they are.