Dewitt Tabernacle Teaching Series



BY C.W. WOOD                                                                                       JUNE – JULY, 2016







A PERSONAL NOTE TO OUR READERS: Another birthday has slipped up on me and the 27th of July, I will be 91.  At this age the Promise of God that declares He will give us strength as our days becomes very important!  My heart and daily prayers go out to you who Write, Pray and support us.  Whatever good the Lord may be able to bring out of the ministry will also be added to your Reward for works when we get with or Lord.  Our works won’t get us there but they are required of us, and He will surely record them all.  Due to the soon coming Election for President, and the fact of Mrs. Hillary Clinton being in the race for that office, I want to remind us of some things Br. Branham said concerning a Powerful Woman in America at the Endtime.  We know he said that the Woman could be a type of the Catholic Church, but we can’t help but wonder if there could be a double meaning.  Could there be a Powerful Woman President who would work hand in hand with a Pope of Rome?  We do know that one of the Popes will be the Anti-Christ!  Please read the following Quotes:   In a message entitled, “Faith Once Delivered to The Saints”, preached on may 1, 1955, he said, “Just before the end time comes…”, wrote twenty-three years ago…before the end time comes there’ll be a woman, that will be a great ruler in this Nation.  She will either be President or something on that order, some Great Woman.

   In the message, “God’ s Covenant With Abraham”, preached April 28, 1956, he said, “But just remember this.  I predict that a woman will be President before we’re annihilated.  That’s right!  I said that in 1933 by a vision.”

   In the message entitled, “Teaching On Moses”, ministered on May 13, 1956, he said “A woman will take the place of a President or something of Great…, some High Power in America.”  Also, in the message, “Why We Are Not A Denomination”, preached on Sept. 27, 1958, he said, “Now you all keep this wrote down.  There’ll be a Great Powerful Woman raise up, either be President or Dictator, or some great powerful woman in this United States.  And, she’ll sink under the influence of women.  Now, you remember…”THAT’S THUS SAITH THE LORD.”

QUOTE:  “Souls In Prison” Pg. 31, 1963. He was a messenger of the covenant.  He said, “There’s not been a man born of a woman as great as he is.”  That’s the kind of a man that God raised up for that day, Elijah, a backwoodsman.  John, the same thing.  See?  The Spirit of Elijah was upon John.  And he says when it comes a woman’s day again, that Spirit will rise again; before the coming of the Lord when the earth will be burnt and the righteous will walk out upon the ashes of the wicked, like ashes under their feet.  He promised it again in these days.  Notice, the Holy Spirit promised that.  It’s fitting to the time that we’re living in.  There must be someone rise up.  That’s got to come.  For it’s THUS SAITH THE LORD.

Malachi, the 4th chapter.

   That’s exactly what He said would be the sign just before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord, “I’ll send you Elijah.”  And what will he do?—turn the hearts of the children back to the doctrine of the fathers.  Back to the Bible.  All these denominational difference, and come back to the Bible—back to God, is what, He would do.

   Notice, what a great time we’re living in.  Those prophets rebuked them modern women in their days, and they both paid for it by their lives. History proves that each one of those times was a woman’s world, when women controlled it.  Look about today.  We’ll have one President one of these days; look like it could happen right now. Actually she is President.  He’s just a figurehead.  (End of Quote)

   Here he was speaking of Mrs. John F. Kennedy.  Br. Branham didn’t live to see the Clintons in office in 1993.  Could Hillary Clinton be the woman the Lord spoke to his prophet about?  Could the Prophecy have a dual meaning?  Food for thought.

   Thank you so very much for your phone calls, letters of encouragement, and your offerings.  Soon our paths will cross and we will go to meet Him together.  Perhaps then I will have a better way to thank all of you,                                                                          Br. C.W.Wood


Faith is so simple a thing that when we try to explain it, I am afraid that even our best explanation may cloud the simplicity of it.  Faith is simply trusting in the Person, Jesus Christ.  It is trusting in His Work, His Faithfulness, His Trustworthiness, His Love and His Power.  For our Faith to become perfect, it must be directed toward a Perfect Person, and there is only One that ever lived in Flesh that was Perfect.  His Holy Name is Jesus the Christ. 

   And so there are Some Revelations we must all have before we can enter into the Realm of perfect Faith.  We must   come   Know Jesus Christ Personally.  To know things   about Him is well and good, but until we have a Personal Acquaintance with Him we still don’t know Him.  I know things about the Governor of Arkansas, but I have never met him Face to Face.  I have never been in his home; I have never had a meal with him.  I have never been hunting or fishing with him.  I don’t know anything about his morals, only hearsay.  And the Same is true with some Church People.  We cannot put complete trust in a stranger; they must Prove their Faithfulness to us first.

   In our Natural world, if as children we had said to our earthly Fathers, “I am trying to trust you.” How sad and hurt he would have been.  Yet we read or hear Some of God’s Word and testify “I am trying to believe You, Lord!”  Do we not know that our God has feelings and that He can be hurt by our unbelief?  It is written, “Without Faith it is impossible to please Him.”  To put our confidence in another human being, a husband or wife, or a brother or sister in the church, then look up to our Creator and Say, “I am trying to believe You.”  This is a hard blow to the One who died for Six hours to save our lost Soul.

    Faith will not help us until we know we have it.  And we can’t know that we have it until we know what it is. We will not Know what it is until it has been revealed to us, and the Revelation only comes to the obedient!  John 7:17 declares that “If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine----“  This Scripture means that the Revelations of God comes to those who are striving to walk in all the truth God has given them, and when they fail, they repent and receive forgiveness.  Then their Fellowship with God is not interrupted.  In the meantime “The small foxes will spoil the vine.”  That is to say that the little things we continue to do that we know are wrong, and suppose that our Lord is not concerned about them is a false idea!  This sort of a lifestyle will never end with rapturing Faith.  God has been pleased to make Faith in Himself a very Simple thing. It is a simple “Trust” in a Person that we know to be Perfectly trustworthy.

   In our daily lives we exercise this Faith (trust) in many ways, trusting in things and people without a second thought  sometimes.  We trust and expect our boss to give us our pay check regularly.  We sit down in our vehicles and fully expect all of its many Parts to work together and furnish Power to move down the road.  We trust the butcher not to have poisoned the meat that we eat.  We board a Jet Plane and trust the Pilot to know his business and get us to our destination.  We trust the school teachers to train our Precious children correct values.  We trust the Bankers to Protect and keep our finances for us.  We trust Ministers that we know are God-called to watch over our Souls.  We trust a good Doctor to help us Physically.  Sometimes our life may be in the hands of a trusted lawyer.    We trust honest Police officers to Protect us from evil doers.   We could go on and on showing how we trust  human agencies, then at times we may doubt our Creator who has sworn to meet all our needs, Spiritually, Physically and Materially.  These things are not taught to condemn us, but to convict us of our Sinful unbelief in our Loving God.  To doubt Him makes no sense at all.  Often we are afraid to believe God, but it makes more sense to be afraid to doubt Him.  To doubt Him is to Question His character, and to Question His character is Proof that we have not had a Personal experience with Him.  We can’t know Him without loving Him, and we can’t love Him without trusting Him, and trusting Him is what Faith is. 

   There is nothing as Simple and easy as trusting an earthly Person that overtime has Proven themselves to be trustworthy.   Our trust in such a one becomes an unconscious  act.  It is a natural reaction to their tried and Proven honesty and Faithfulness.  But who has Proven to be as true and Faithful as our God?  If we would only trust Him in the way we trust some human agencies, who can tell what He would do for us!  We come to Faith in God the same way we come to trust in another human.  It comes by degrees, and not overnight.  (Here I speak of our human Faith.)  We reach this Place of Faith or trust in stages.  We can say that usually this is how Faith comes.  We consider the Person, we see evidence that convinces us and we are led to trust and that is what Faith is.  If  I was told that the Mayor of my city was a  good  man,  and  it  was  a matter of interest to me, how would I go about to Prove what I had heard?

   Shall I just sit down and try to believe what I have heard, or would I do what any intelligent Person would do and investigate.  I would hunt up all the information  I could find about the Mayor, and if Possible speak to the Mayor himself, then with all the information I had gathered, I would make my decision concerning the man.   And so  we can say that the evidence gained and knowledge obtained led me up to Faith in the man. 

   If we want to believe in Jesus, then hear about Him, and read about Him and think about Him.  In that way you will know about Him and you will find Faith growing in your heart toward Him.  If I wanted to have Faith in a certain Doctor, I would ask some of his patients for their testimonies about his cures.  (I speak in the natural realm.)  I would like to see some of his diplomas that certified to his professional knowledge.  I would also  like  to hear  what he has to say about certain complicated cases.  In fact I would use all the means to know the man, so that I might believe.  Friends, do all that you know how to learn about the character of Jesus.  You will find no fault in Him.  When we view Him wounded, grieving, breathless on the cursed tree, soon I feel my heart believing, He has suffered thus for me.

   If you would have Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, then study His character as it is revealed in the Holy Scripture.  At one time I might have needed evidence to make me believe on Jesus, but now, after 51 years, I know Him by Proving Him, so that it would take a great deal of   evidence

to make me doubt Him.  But this is not something I have done for myself.  It is due to the way He has ordered my steps.

    Not one time has He ever failed to hear my repentant cry?  Not one time has He ever failed to my meet my needs, though He has often tried my  Faith.  Not one time has He ever condemned me for my many Failures, nor has He ever failed to convict when I have been wrong.  To be condemned is to be considered lost, but to be convicted is to be corrected in the hope that we will stand correction, and come back to the straight and narrow Path.

    To the Bride, the Gospel is God’s very truth, and they are willing to Perish if it be not true!  We risk our eternal Soul on the truth of the Gospel, and the well being of our flesh bodies on the same Gospel.  The Bride is learning that there is no risk in such trust.  God cannot lie and He cannot Fail. The risk is that we would fail to Know Him In all of His Perfection!  The risk is that we would Fail to understand the love that caused Him to suffer unexplainable Pain for Six hours in our place.  The risk is  that because  we haven’t understood that Love, we have made His death to be for nothing as far as we as individuals are concerned.

   Come to the well and drink.  If a man stood before a flowing spring and refused to drink, he would soon die.  Was His death God’s fault?  Do we consider it a hard thing if we die because we will not drink of the water of life (The Word) and live.  Unbelief is willful when evidence is Put before us and we refuse to examine it carefully.  He who does not desire truth has himself to thank if he dies with lies in his mind.  Amen